From the Connections Coordinator, Cindy Johnson

We Unitarian Universalists at UUFRC are part of a larger organization that we often don’t even think about: the Unitarian Universalist Association. The Association consists of over 1000 congregations in the United States, and is divided up into five regions.

Our region is the Pacific Western Region, comprised of 13 states (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii.) This year, we’re having a Regional Assembly in Portland, Oregon, April 27 – 29. It’s exciting and powerful to meet UU’s from all over this huge region and participate with them in workshops, worship and networking. Get more information at: Pacific Western Region – UUA.

Even though our Fellowship has been in existence for nearly 60 years, my UUFRC experience through 17+ of those years is that our connection with these larger organizations is tenuous at best. There are a few people here who are enthusiastic about and committed to participating in our district, regional, and general assemblies. Outside of that it’s been difficult to grow this enthusiasm and have people explore what our region and the UUA has to offer.

The UUA has an amazing array of resources: Webinars, workshops, training, UU news, child and adult education programs, small group ministries, the UUA bookstore. It seems to me that we largely ignore these resources ~ mostly because we’re unfamiliar with them. (Check out their website:

One of Rev. Gretchen’s tasks as our Interim minister is to help us re-connect with the UUA and the resources they offer. Another way to learn about these resources is through people who have had experience with UUA programs in other UU churches they’ve attended.

Tanya Webster, the chair of our Adult Learning Journey (formerly Adult Religious Education) is one such person. Tanya comes to us with deep knowledge of the UUA’s “Tapestry of Faith” program. These are lifespan programs focusing on ethical, spiritual, faith and UU identity development. By bringing knowledge of these programs to us, she is helping us build consistent adult learning opportunities that are rich and full, and will grow further in depth with time.

Do check out our website ( for upcoming Adult Learning Journey classes. You can also find them posted on the Adult Learning Journey bulletin board in the Social Hall, in the monthly newsletter, and in the weekly email announcements, as well as the Sunday Orders of Service.

Also watch for another exciting upcoming event: our NEW Website, coming online SOON. Same address: but completely different in looks and ease of use. It’s colorful, dynamic, and makes me feel good every time I’ve gotten to preview and play around with it. Many thanks to Iain Cunningham and Tanya Webster for taking this challenge on, with thanks also to Dave George for his help and many years of service as our Web Guru.

We all play our parts here at the Fellowship. I hope you’ll play yours, informed by checking out our soon-to-be new website, participating in our new Learning Journey classes, and by participating in the Transitions work that we’re doing with Rev. Gretchen.