Exciting Update (2020-05-11)

Great news — UUFRC has a pre-candidate minister! After the Ministerial Search Committee interviewed second-round candidates and conducted reference checks in April, one minister clearly stood out as a great match for us, and we were delighted when the minister accepted our invitation to be our pre-candidate. Over the next few weeks, we’ll conduct a virtual version of a g: weekend so the committee and minister can mutually discern a fit. Simultaneously, we will conduct background checks and negotiations in preparation for inviting this pre-candidate to be our final candidate. The candidating period, May 31 to June 14, is when the minister will “visit” with UUFRC (virtually, of course) so everyone can have a chance to get to know them and vice versa. The minister will lead our Sunday services on May 31 and June 14 (with a break on June 7 for our annual meeting). In between, there will be many opportunities to meet the candidate online through committee and small group meetings. After the June 14 service, the congregation will vote to call the candidate as our settled minister.

Please keep sending good thoughts as UUFRC enters this exciting time. The search committee appreciates all your support.