Everyone is invited to the Annual Meeting on 5/23 at noon


Please join us at the UUFRC Annual Meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend.  We will do volunteer recognitions, present the board slate, and do a 2021-22 budget review among other things. You must be a member to vote.


Sunday, May 23rd at 12 pm.

To Join the Meeting:

Stay on zoom after the service and breakout rooms or join using the zoom service link found on the UUFRC website.

We need to have a quorum to hold our meeting of 25% of the voting membership, so stay tuned!


At 1:30pm, after the annual meeting, an email with a link to vote will be sent to members using the Primary Email address listed in Realm

Voting is open for 2 hours (till 3:30pm) to vote for the board slate and the proposed budget

Households with multiple voters but just one email will be sent unique links for all the voting members (i.e. 2 emails to the same email address but with unique links in each one).

Vote Results:

The election process will be electronically monitored to make sure it is all going smoothly (no results will be seen)

Once voting is finished, the results will automatically be emailed out to the voting members. 

Connections is identifying and assisting any members who may need help voting (expected to be only a few).