Get Out the Vote Writing Party


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Social Hall (including Front Lounge) + Kitchen
2124 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA, 94062

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Writing letters and postcards to voters are among the most effective ways to help increase election turnout. These letters encourage citizens to vote and prior elections have demonstrated their effectiveness.

Postcards encourage people to vote
Postcards encourage people to vote


The Social Action Committee is hosting a writing party August 14, from Noon until 2pm. We will provide healthy snacks to keep body and soul together during the event.

The work is simple. For each letter, you write a sentence or two about why you vote and then address, stamp, and seal the envelope. For each postcard, you copy the text provided, add a few decorative embellishments of your own, and then address and stamp the card.

The Social Action Committee provides everything you need but donations are welcome. A packet of 10 letters, envelopes, and stamps costs $6.50. Ten postcards and stamps costs $4.00.

Children are invited to help apply stamps, decorate postcards, and seal envelopes.