Rainbow Principles: Family and Youth Matters

Healthy Congregation. I recommend everyone read Sarah Gibb Millspaugh’s fabulous article in the October 2017 Unitarian Universalist Association Pacific Western Region (UUA-PWR) newsletter, titled We’re Not the Hotel California. I believe it is relevant to any congregation, but I think it is particularly relevant to us in this time of ministerial transition. Go to the UUA-PWR website or try this link:

District Youth Events. On October 13-15, UUFRC hosted a UUA Pacific Central District (PCD) Youth Retreat for high-school-aged youth. Seven of our youth attended, and three were involved in the planning and implementation. Five UUFRC adults also contributed to the food for the event. I’m pleased to say it was a success. Besides the satisfaction of seeing the event run smoothly, I was able take back some ideas for spiritual practices, in keeping with the theme of the event, RejUUvenation.

On November 3-5, UUFRC will host a UUA-PCD Middle-school Unitarian Universalist Gatherings (MUUGs) Retreat. I am hopeful that this event will be just as successful.

I appreciate the willingness of our congregation to host youth events. I think it speaks to our commitment to supporting our youth and the wider UU movement.

Retreat. The UUFRC Retreat at Monte Toyon in Aptos, California, is coming up (Friday evening, November 10, through Sunday morning, November 12)! I encourage all our families to attend as many of the days as they can. There will be workshops and activities for all ages, and there’s lots of forest to explore! My family and I look forward to this event every year. If cost is an issue, please contact the retreat chair, Debbie Mytels. I hope to see you there!

Holiday Pageant. This year will see the return of an old favorite: Would You Like to Hold the Baby. I am looking for narrators, an innkeeper, an innkeeper’s wife, a stable girl, shepherds, magi, and animals of all types (including Mary & Joseph’s donkey). I would like both adults and children to participate. Please contact me if you or your child would like to participate!

The Pageant will be performed during the December 17th service. We will have one rehearsal, probably on December 16. I have materials for simple costumes; we typically sort that out on one of the Sundays before the Pageant. The narrators are the only ones who speak; everyone else acts out the story as the narrators read it. It’s easy, fun, and always a hit with the congregation.

See you in church. —Derby