COVID Policy as of 9-18-2022

UUFRC recommends that all visitors, renters and users of the facility who are over six months old be fully vaccinated and wear masks while inside the building.  The decision in both cases is left to individual or parental discretion.

UUFRC requires that at each large UUFRC event* and Sunday service, all participants affirm the following:

  • I have not tested positive for COVID in the last 5 days.

  • I have not been in contact with** someone who has tested positive for COVID in the last 5 days.  Note: You are welcome if despite your contact you have tested negative to COVID in the past 4 hours and are wearing a N95 mask inside the building.

  • I have no symptoms of COVID specifically a fever and sore throat.

If I can’t affirm these I will stay home and join the event online instead.

* Examples of ‘large’ events are: Town Hall meetings, an Installation, the Auction and the Annual Meeting.

** “Contact with someone” means being inside and unmasked with them for more than 15 minutes.