Covenant of Right Relations – Next Steps!

Thank you to all the participants and facilitators who worked together last Saturday to draft our Covenant of Right Relations!  On Saturday, January 26, 6 small groups worked to draft statements about how we each want to relate outward to each part of the community (ourselves, other members, the board, the staff, the minister, and the larger community outside our walls).  We want to honor the time and effort put forth by that group.

Here are the next steps in the process:

  • By mid-February, a opening summary and a closing statement will be drafted, which will complete the full document (summary, 6 sections – 1 for each relationship, then a closing)
  • We’ll present this statement at two Town Halls – so everyone will be familiar before the Special Meeting on March 17:
    • Feb 24 at 11:45 in the Sanctuary
    • March 3 at noon in the Front Lounge
    • Questions on the Search process can also be addressed in these meetings as needed
  • On March 17 at the Special Congregational Meeting, the final statement will be voted on (up/down vote).  
    • Separately, the slate for the Search Committee will also be voted on in this meeting
  • This Covenant of Right Relations Statement will be posted at UUFRC, on the website, etc. The statement will also help those seeking to be our next minister as they learn more about UUFRC during the search process.

Rev. Gretchen and the Transition Team – John Cooney, Allen Perry, Bob Holden, Solveig Zarubin, and Polly Ragusa