From our Connections Coordinator Cindy Johnson

The holiday bustle is nearly over and the darkness begins to recede as the days slowly become longer. While the earth still sleeps during these winter months, will you take some time to sit and quiet your mind, and contemplate this New Year?

Every day when I am outside, I look for a gift that I know will come if I am fully present to the moment. Sometimes it’s a hummingbird darting in to check me out, sometimes it’s the sun reflecting off the wings of a flock of birds, turning them from dark to silver, dark to silver. Sometimes it’s an elderly couple, holding hands as they walk slowly down the sidewalk, or a child wobbling by on a scooter, so intent, so focused.

When the world is as uncertain and frightening as it is now, perhaps we have to look even harder to find the small gifts and blessings that help keep us going. Each gift helps challenge the darkness and anxiety around us.

What are you looking forward to this New Year of 2018? Where will you choose to focus your time and energy ~ the bits that you have free?

I hope you will focus some of it on this Fellowship, and the continuing work of Interim Ministry that Rev. Gretchen is doing with us. UUFRC is our home, and what each of us brings to it helps create the special place that it is. We need you to participate in the work being done with her guidance to help us define who we now are, what we want, and where we want to go.

Look for announcements on upcoming “Cottage meetings” and please participate. I hope you will also participate in Rev. Gretchen’s five series class on Unitarian Universalist history, beginning this month. Our history is the foundation of our faith, and I would bet not many of you know a whole lot about it!

I look forward to continuing the journey with all of you in 2018! May we be intentional with our time and energy, always looking for those small gifts and blessings right outside our own front doors ~ if only we take the time to be present. ~ Cindy