Congregational Votes, Sun Mar 17

On Sunday March 17, 2019 at noon in the sanctuary we will hold a special congregational meeting to elect the members of the Ministerial Search Committee and vote on the Covenant of Right Relations document you have been working on over the last several weeks.

These are the only items that will be on the agenda. You will be given a separate ballot for each of these items when you check in for the meeting.

For the Covenant it will have a simple Yes or No choice. The results of this vote will be announced at the end of the meeting.

For the Search Committee it will have a list of names, in alphabetical order, from which you will be asked to vote for no more than 3. Once the ballots are collected at the end of the meeting the board will go into executive session to count the ballots. The results of this work will be announced at church the following Sunday. 

The names on the Search Committee ballot come from you, the members. The board and the Transition Team called every member and received responses from 96% of you on who you would trust to be on this committee.
We then took those names (you mentioned 84 different members) and talked to those who you mentioned most, asking them if they would be willing to serve. Because of the commitment this work will take over the next 10-12 months (about 3-400 hours) some were not able to accept due to their own personal commitments. 

On the official announcement for the meeting there will be a link you can click on that will take you to a questionnaire each candidate has filled out asking about what they feel are important qualities they want in a new minister and what their own background is with UUFRC and being a UU along with what their skills they are they bring to the committee. 

The people who receive the 3 highest number of votes are automatically on the committee. The board then looks at the remaining names from the ballot and chooses 2 more to fill out the total of 5 for the committee.
How the board will select the other 2 members will be based on filling the needs to balance the talents of the group. For example, if the top 3 vote getters had no experience with RE and it was felt that such a background was needed for the committee, the board would look at the forms each candidate filled out to see who had such experience. 

Steve Hill, President
Board of Trustees