Committee Spotlight:  Connections Committee

Newcomers often comment that we are a very friendly congregation.  I like to believe that may be in part due to the work of our Connections Committee and our wonderful Connections Coordinator, Cindy Johnson. Cindy, the Welcomer, and the Greeters are the first impression experienced by anyone who comes through our doors.

Our mission is to help newcomers, members, friends and youth feel welcome, and to find connections within our UUFRC community. Connections Committee members serve as monthly Welcomers to attend to our new visitors. We recruit volunteers to be Greeters, who share friendly hellos with everyone as they give out the Orders of Service. We have many other ways to foster connections, including the Ice Cream Social and Activity Fair each fall, potluck dinners, Becoming a Member classes, Ingathering services to welcome new members, and Game Night.  If you have ideas about making our community even more friendly and helping people get connected, I encourage you to join the Connections Committee.  Our meetings are filled with laughter, chocolate and connection while we coordinate events, classes and Greeters.

We appreciate all of you who have volunteered to be the smiling Greeters on Sunday morning.  It is an easy way to serve our UUFRC community. You are coming to the Fellowship on Sunday morning anyway, why not be the one passing out the Order of Service?  It is easy to sign up for a Sunday. You’ll find a yellow “Sunday Greeter” sign up button under the “Connection” area of our website:

Let us know how you could feel even more connected.  Everyone can approach newcomers and start a friendly conversation at Social Hour.  The connection is up to all of us.