CLF Prison Ministry Penpals

At UUFRC, we sent so many cards to incarcerated UUs at Christmas, and the CLF (Church of the Larger Fellowship) was able to send one to all of the 800+ UU prisoners. Yay! Would you like to do more? You can be a penpal and bring comfort and support to a prisoner via the UU/ CLF prison ministry. I have been a penpal for about 12 years (my second penpal, Zo, was recently released, thanks to Obama’s compassionate clemency) and I will be signing up for a new one as soon as Zo is settled into freedom. There are prisoners awaiting penpal matches right now!

Here’s how it works: First you apply to the CLF Prison Ministry (you must be 21+ years old and be a member of CLF or a congregation for 6 months). Then CLF will match you with a prisoner and the letter-writing adventure begins. Some prisoners have email, but mostly it is hand-written letters, once a month. All letter writers (incarcerated and “free-world”) agree to the same guidelines, emphasizing that the program is not intended for romantic, legal-aid or financial/gift interactions. The CLF does its best to protect your identity. You only share your first name and use the CLF office as your return address. All letters from your letter-writing partner go to the CLF office, and they are mailed to you, so that no mail is sent directly to you from a prison or jail.

My participation has been very rewarding. Want to try? The first commitment is for 6 months. Here is the website: Carolyn Chaney