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Share the Plate with Puente on December 19

Puente serves coastal towns from Pescadero north to La Honda, focusing on equitable access to education, health, and economic security. Their programs focus on farm workers, young children, seniors, low-income families and first-generation college students. Puente came together when Rev. Wendy Taylor (formerly of the … read more.

Share the Plate with the Sequoia High School Dream Club

On Sunday, January 17, our UU Felllowship will donate the offering through it’s “Share The Plate” program to the Sequoia High School Dream Club. The Sequoia Dream Club’s mission is to help create limitless educational opportunities for undocumented students, and our donation will go directly … read more.

Share the Plate with GRIP Training Institute

This Sunday, November 15, our community offering will go to the GRIP Training Institute, a non-profit organization serving incarcerated people in California. This will be our Fellowship’s third year “sharing the plate” with GRIP, and I am grateful to our community for supporting an organization … read more.

UU the Vote

Send Vote-By-Mail Postcards to Voters in Texas

Reclaim Our Vote is sending postcards to Hispanic voters in Texas who are over age 65 to let them know how to apply to Vote By Mail for the July 14 primary.  This allows them to vote from the … read more.