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Cindy’s monthly column.

It Really is Spring

The rains have wrought their miracle of green hills, and blooming flowers and trees everywhere. The wisteria has been particularly glorious this year. My back deck is covered in a 2 inch layer of fallen lavender blossoms: the best “snow” anywhere.

The Fellowship is blossoming … read more.

Time is Precious, Our Work is Important

I was going to start out this writing by saying “Now is an important time in our Fellowship”, but on further reflection ~  All time is important in our Fellowship. Just as with life in general, all time is precious.We were beautifully reminded of this during our … read more.

Would You Like to Become a Member of UUFRC?

During the service on March 10th, we’ll be holding an Ingathering Ceremony to welcome new members to the Fellowship. This is a heart-filled experience as we are introduced to our new members, watch them participate in the candle-lighting ceremony and share a spoken Covenant of … read more.

Spring is Springing

This is one of my favorite times of year. Mother Nature brings the rains to do her spring cleaning. Everything outside is freshened and brightened. The tree are beginning to blossom and the flowers will soon follow, sweetly perfuming the air. The greens that still … read more.

February Fellowship Events

If you are new to our Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, the activities below are easy to participate in, and don’t require large amounts of time. You are welcome to join us in any of them. More information can be found on our website, or you may … read more.

And so it’s a New Year…

Take a deep breath. Let it out… We made it through the Holidays. And now here we are: Ready to jump into 2019. Take another deep breath!

The world we know is both troubled and seeming to spin nearly out of control, and yet breathtakingly beautiful … read more.

Connecting our Past and Present

Our Fellowship will celebrate its 60thAnniversary in 2019.

The very first meeting we ever held was on May 17, 1959. Several weeks later, on June 7, 1959, the “Unitarian Fellowship of Redwood City” was formally established. Bylaws were written, discussed, and adopted, and 42 individuals … read more.

Yes, We’re Busy, and…..

Autumn hints that she is arriving. The days continue warm, but the nights are cooler. Glimpses of color changes can be seen in leaves on the trees about town. This is truly a paradoxical time of year. As nature begins to prepare for the turning … read more.

Reaching Out and Welcoming Your Return

Welcome back from Summer, with its vacations and stay-cations, new adventures and treasured traditions. Welcome back to the beginning of another church year and all the adventures it promises to bring.

We’ll begin this new year with our beloved Water Communion service on September 9th.  Our … read more.

Summertime and Slowing Down

As we greet the month of June, we’re ready to celebrate summer, with its long, light filled days, and hopefully some time to relax and vacation, or even stay-cation.

If you’re new to our Fellowship it’s good for you to know that June also brings the … read more.

May Musings from your Connections Coordinator


What does being a member of this Unitarian Universalist Fellowship mean? If you’ve become a member, what is it that made you decide to join? This is a deeply personal decision, one that requires thought and intention; it’s a different journey for each person.

I joined … read more.

Reaching Out: Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung and I hope you enjoyed the rains that came with it. The myriad shades of greens and the bright colors of the flowers make this one of my favorite times of year. The longer days of light awaken me from my winter … read more.

From the Connections Coordinator, Cindy Johnson

We Unitarian Universalists at UUFRC are part of a larger organization that we often don’t even think about: the Unitarian Universalist Association. The Association consists of over 1000 congregations in the United States, and is divided up into five regions.

Our region is the Pacific Western … read more.

From our Connections Coordinator, Cindy Johnson

What is important to us at UUFRC? The answers are probably as varied as we are. We come with different hearts, minds, and beliefs but I think it’s fair to say that we come together as seekers: Some seeking spiritual nourishment and growth, some seeking … read more.

From our Connections Coordinator Cindy Johnson

The holiday bustle is nearly over and the darkness begins to recede as the days slowly become longer. While the earth still sleeps during these winter months, will you take some time to sit and quiet your mind, and contemplate this New Year?

Every day when … read more.

from our Connections Coordinator, Cindy Johnson

As a congregation, we have gone through a great many changes since Reverend Julia retired in 2013 and they haven’t been easy. Now we have yet another Interim Minister, Reverend Gretchen Woods. We know this means continued change as she is with us for only … read more.

from our Connections Coordinator, Cindy Johnson

This is a busy, exciting fall, with so many upcoming events. I’m going to tell you about a few in case you haven’t already heard, and remind you of a few more.

Please do plan to come to Rev. Gretchen’s “Creating a Tree of Life: Story-Telling … read more.

from our Connections Coordinator, Cindy Johnson

September marks the beginning of our new church year. We gather together again after our summer journeys or stay-cations, hopefully renewed by the break from our usual busy, busy schedule of so many things to do at UUFRC.

The biggest change of this church year is … read more.