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Board of Trustees Monthly Update 2022-08

Hello, UUFRC community.

Your BoT would like to share what we have been up to in August.  The new BOT is off and running, and we had two meetings in August to get a running start on the Church Year.

The annual Board Retreat was held on August … read more.

4-24-2020 UUFRC Board of Trustees Update

April 24, 2020
Dear Beloved UUFRC Community,
I hope this letter finds you safe and well.  Along with my fellow board members, We are very grateful for our community during this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The board has been discussing the many ramifications of our shelter-in-place restrictions.  As … read more.

UUFRC Board of Trustees response to COVID-19

March 12, 2020

Dear Beloved UUFRC Community,

With much sadness and regret, we write to inform you about our updated response to the threat of the COVID-19 virus. The UUFRC Board met last night to consider further how our fellowship can best respond to the threat of … read more.

Congregational Votes, Sun Mar 17

On Sunday March 17, 2019 at noon in the sanctuary we will hold a special congregational meeting to elect the members of the Ministerial Search Committee and vote on the Covenant of Right Relations document you have been working on over the last several weeks. … read more.

Preparing to Search

After this last weekend, the board and transition team is ready to start making phone calls to all of the members about creating a search committee. If you missed the Sunday after church workshop on the search process led by our UUA coach Nancy Edmundson, … read more.

Board Update

Well here we are in
another new year. I hope everyone had a good holiday season because now it is
back to work. At our recent special congregational meeting we voted,
overwhelmingly, to ordain Ellie Kilpatrick, so look for details on that soon.

The board along
with the Transition Team … read more.

Board Blog: December 2018

At our upcoming Special Congregational meeting on Sunday 12-9-18 after the regular service we will be addressing two items. The first will be a vote on if this congregation wishes to ordain Eleanor Kilpatrick. This is something only a congregation has the privilege and responsibility … read more.

Board Blog: November 2018

Well, the midterms have ended and, as they say, the 2020 campaign has begun. Hopefully we get a little break before all of the robo-calls and leafleting start up again.

Ellen and I did our part to get out the vote by volunteering at call centers … read more.

On the Books: Board Blog, October 2018

At the recent Leadership Training session we held there was a lot of focus on the changes we are going through during this Interim Ministerial period. This session was planned by and delivered by Chris Stovall and Rev Gretchen with great assistance and additional training … read more.

August Comments from the Board of Trustees

Hello from the Board of Trustees (BoT),

I have three topics of good news to share with you.

First, at our July BoT meeting, we elected Board Officers for the upcoming year.  They are as follows:

President – Steve Hill
Vice President – Chris Stovall
Treasurer – Anna … read more.

May Board of Trustees

Hello from the Board of Trustees:

The big focus for the Board of Trustees (BoT) in May is our Annual General Meeting on Sunday, May 20 in the Sanctuary after services from 12:00 – 1:00.   We will be voting on several issues:

•    The proposed Vision, … read more.

On the Books: Welcome to April

Welcome to April.  The UUFRC has many interesting happenings going on this month.  I am sharing with you here three of those.

Two Town Hall Meetings

The UUFRC will be holding two Town Hall meetings this month: The Sundays of April 15 and 22.  Please plan to … read more.

from our President of the Board of Trustees, Robert Holden

Hello everyone, I have two topics for you this month.

One-year extension of our Interim Ministry

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously (with one member absent) at our last Board meeting to approve a 12-month extension, from two years to three, of Rev. Gretchen’s Interim Ministry. So, … read more.

From our President of the Board of Trustees, Robert Holden

Greetings from the Board of Trustees,

Two activities will be occurring in the months of February and March that are crucial to the healthy future of our Fellowship. The first is the series of the Cottage Meetings. The second is the annual Pledge Drive.

The Cottage Meeting … read more.

From our Board of Trustees President, Robert Holden

Happy Hanukah, Happy Chalica, Happy Bodhi Day, Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and many other Happy Holidays from the Board of Trustees (BoT). The last six months have been joyfully eventful. The next six months are likely to provide more opportunities for abundant … read more.

from the President of the Board of Trustees, Robert Holden

Greetings from the Board of Trustees (BoT)!

Our house of worship and community is buzzing with activity and energy these days. Rev. Gretchen’s “Tree of Life” and “Listening Circles” were well attended and, at least I thought, very enlightening. I have learned more about our history … read more.