From our Board of Trustees President, Robert Holden

Happy Hanukah, Happy Chalica, Happy Bodhi Day, Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and many other Happy Holidays from the Board of Trustees (BoT). The last six months have been joyfully eventful. The next six months are likely to provide more opportunities for abundant celebration.

One, in particular, that I would like to share with you here is an opportunity to try out a suggested evolutionary change to the Interim Minster program. The Interim Minister program is typically a two-year process to prepare a congregation for its next Called Minister, which does not give a congregation much time to reflect, take stock of successes and missed opportunities of the past, and ponder the preferred path for the future. Also, a two-year Interim Ministry requires the effort-intensive, 12-month Called Minister Selection process to start shortly after the New Year.

We at the UUFRC are considering taking part in a suggested change that would extend our Interim Minister program from two years to three. At its core, the change is simply an extension of our current Interim Minister’s contract for an extra year. (It is not a conversion of Rev. Gretchen’s contract to a consulting minister, a developmental minister, nor a Called Minister. It is still an Interim Minister contract, just an extra year in length).

The extension provides our fellowship many advantages, but three I would like to note here. One, it allows more time for the reflection process and a respite from our ever-present ministerial machinations of the last five years. Two, it provides more time for the changes made in the first year of our current Interim Ministry to germinate and flourish. Third, it allows more time and a later start date for the Called Minister selection process.

The BoT will be holding two town-hall style meetings to let the Fellowship discuss the merits and alternatives of extending Rev. Gretchen’s Interim Minister contract for an extra year. Those two dates will be the Sundays of January 14 and 21, starting at 12:00 after services in the Sanctuary. The UUFRC BoT hopes to move forward with a extension decision by late January.

Please plan to join us at one or both of our town-hall meetings to provide your thoughtful input into our Interim Ministry process.

With hope for the future and appreciation of efforts given, Bob Holden
President – UUFRC Board of Trustees