Board Meeting Minutes October 26, 2021

In attendance:

xRev. Brian FergustonxTovis PageJeanne DeShazo
xChris StovalxPolly RagusaxPeter Hartzell
xRob DavisxDick Edminster
7:00Call to orderChris
Chalice lighting; Opening words; A moment of centeringRotation
Anti-Racism LearningWe shared personal reflections on the readings on p.16 in White Supremacy Culture: Still Here, the section titled “Progress is Bigger/More and Quantity over Quality.
Agree on discussing “Perfectionism” next month.
Strategic DiscussionTopic: June Co-Ministry CultureTovis, Polly and Peter presented a proposal to the Board for four cultural values we work together on this FY so that by June 2022 the culture of the Board is more consistent with the Vision, Mission and Covenant of UUFRC.  What we learn and achieve may then inform Fellowship wide initiatives next year.  The proposal was:1. More radically inclusive culture (anti-racist, multicultural) and the “we” culture – awareness and behavior2. Intergenerational3. Outreach to the community — support of and not afraid to sing our praises!4. Mission Driven and Administrative efficiency, clarity, streamlining to make room for other aspects of shared ministry, such as  # 1 – 3 above.
After discussion it was agreed the sub group would further refine the ideas and clarify terminology and present them for discussion and approval at the November Board meeting.
Consent Agenda  Last BOT Meeting Minutes – Connections Committee Report  – receivedDRE Report  – receivedFinance Committee Report  – receivedAdministrator’s Report – NA (admin position open)Minister’s Report – receivedPersonnel Report – receivedEmail Votes – NA
Unanimous consent received.
Operations-Board OversightGive a high level update and address matters needing board attention.Personnel Update (Peter)Year end board gifts (Vote)
Board voted to approve a $150 budget simple, in-person event as a way of thanking and getting to know the staff.  (Chris and Peter) to design in coordination with the Personnel Committee.
Minister’s Evaluation UpdateBOT acknowledgement of the review and evaluationDiscussion.Board gave unanimous acknowledgement.
BOT assist Brian with goalsDiscussion.  Importance of “shared ministry.”November Board meeting will include Brian sharing goals for himself and Fellowship for discussion. (Rev. Brian)BOT ask for feedback of itselfDiscussion.  Agreed to January Board meeting reflection on our functioning as a Board and Brian’s feedback to us as a Board. (Chris)
Feed feedback from report and Brian’s self evaluation into the Strategy Process (Polly)
Finance Update (Dick)Quarterly Report (Vote)Unanimous approval of financial statements.Discussion regarding concern for plate and share-the-plate revenue.January review Share the Plate – if still low, advise SAC to consider timing and frequency of some recipients.
Program Council Update (Rob)Wayside pulpit filling rotated among committees.Re-initiating rental of the Social Hall and Sanctuary
Task Force UpdatesCovid TF (Polly)Discussion.  Decentralizing work (Martha Beetley – MOCA, Marianna Raymond – Music presenting to COVID Task Force.(Brian) to follow up with Marianna and Dawn on music approach coordination.RE Visioning TF (Tovis)Two meetings so far.Strategic TF (Polly)Discussion.  Agreed to Chris, Brian, Polly, Peter meeting to agree on next steps and timing.
Operations-GeneralAddress business that has come before the board.
Formation of Installation Group (Chris)  Discussion of presented form.(Brian) to invite Jessica to lead the event coordination aspect of the Installation.
Board Retreat Action Items Check In-do we want these put in our action items list?Anti-Racism (DE, CS, BF)Articulate UUFRC Co- Ministry in June 2022 (PH, TP, BF)Streamline Administration (PR, JD, RD)Brian Success (CS, BF, PH)-Co-own Brian’s goals list-Installation-Run Interference (see streamline administration)-AccountabilityNo discussion.
Pending actions: Action Items Review from the previous board meeting (Jeanne)Reviewed – three items for Peter.
Executive Session for Personnel (Brian)
Wrap Up
Board CommunicationsProvide continual communication with the congregation to provide transparency and invite collaboration. 
What do we want to communicate out this month? How? Who?Minister evaluation letter to congregation (Peter)

Thank You NotesRecognition and proposals for “Thank You” notes.
Audi A4 windscreen shade for John Cooney as thank you for the Video project. (Tovis)

Action Items (Jeanne)Recap of action items to come from this meeting.
November MeetingCalendar Items for NovemberBoT Meeting – November 30th, 7-9pm, Peter Hartzell’s House 
Closing Circle Rotation