Board Meeting Minutes November 30, 2021

In attendance:

xRev. Brian FergustonxTovis PagexJeanne DeSazo
xChris StovalxPolly RagusaxPeter Hartzell
xRob DavisDick Edminster
Call to orderChris
Chalice lighting; Opening words; A moment of centering – Chris
Opening & Closing Words Rotation & Pick the topic to discuss.
Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Anti-Racism LearningIncrease our understanding and begin to  incorporate these practices into our work. Read each section prior and have a few thoughts to share.
Individual thoughts & feedback.
Purpose: Raise AwarenessOctNovDecJanFebProgressp.16Perfectionism(Dick)(Jeanne)


Strategic DiscussionFocus on the strategic issues of the church to provide direction and guidance.From Retreat Goals:  Imagine how we want our BOT culture to evolve. Demonstration project for Fellowship.Polly starts us off with a definition of culture.  How to weave into BOT procedures. Explicit with ourselves with our values and what do those look like behaviourally.  At this point in time, what do we want to work on now.  Focus on 3 values that will get us to go where we need to go.  
Shared leadership. paradox of individuality and community. Challenge to hold up a third value of shared leadership, finding a balance.  Present your best self and then step back. 
3 Challenges
By June: –become aware of dominant cultural norms shaping Board and congregation and have a clear understanding of role of the Board on facilitating DEI as part of spiritual and leadership dev’p at UUFRC;–agree on a definition of shared leadership;–Agree on how to develop a shared ministry
Tension with BrianCo-leadership thought experiment.
Brian:  shared leadership. how do you do this.  leadership development plan.  BOT to think about
Operational efficiency.  includes mission efficiency.  (Polly, Rob & Jeanne)Rob wrote a doc of comments of what is needed.  Concrete.

And tonight our recommendation is: Keep antiracism at front of our agenda.
Future Agenda topics: January: Organizational efficiency – 20 minutes
December: Shared leadership – 20 minutes
Topic: Three Culture Values The board retreat culture subgroup (Peter, Tovis, Polly) has put together a culture document. They would like the board to come to acceptance and agreement on how to bring it into our work together. 
Consent Agenda Purpose: Information and approval based on the written documents without discussion needed. Items may be pulled out if desired.  
Reports should include desired actions for the board, support needed, any concerns and updates relevant to church functioning.  Last BOT Meeting Minutes – received Connections Committee Report  – received DRE Report  – received Finance Committee Report  – received Administrator’s Report – none Minister’s Report – received Personnel Report – received Email Votes – Admin Rate Adjustment approved  – unanimous YES email vote.
Operations-Board Oversight Give a high level update and address matters needing board attention.
Finance Update-none-see board reports instead
Program Council Update (Rob) no update. is there a larger discussion of Program Council, including operational efficiency?  Alex does almost everything.
Task Force Updates Covid TF (Polly).  Will be communication to announce evolving phased approach to reopening. Block room included.  Mocha next Sunday.  New variant is out.  May start tracking boosters. Children who are vaccinated.  Small meetings in sanctuary soon.  At home we don’t wear masks so why at UUFRC- need an answer for that.  

RE Visioning TF (Tovis). research phase to interview local DRE’s and outside congregation with young children.  Going ok.  Very top down approach which leaves some folks dissatisfied.  No matter how much research, this is not going to be easily resolved.  Hope people understand that we are not going to solve the demog. shifts in USA.  No perfectionism.  TF is on target with phases.  The design thinking that Lillian is moving the team thru is rigorous.  Lillian is set on how she is doing it.  How can the BOT be useful here.  Is there some way we can take some pressure off perfectionism.  Brian: What are we going to do with the RE pgm?  Let process play out another couple of months.  Within the TF itself, people can give feedback.  Peter: let’s have a mid-point check in with the Board (January). Brian: BOT could help modify expectations of congregation.  Chris: is this being communicated to families with Y and C, about what is going on in the TF and what outcome may be expected. 

Strategic TF (Polly).  Kickoff team Dec 11.  Brett off.  Hope to have a light process and some research, fun, 80% perfect.  

Board Retreat Actions-check in Anti-Racism (DE, CS, BF)Articulate UUFRC Co- Ministry in June 2022 (PH, TP, BF) – done during strategic discussion. Streamline Administration (PR, JD, RD)Brian Success (CS, BF, PH) Co-own Brian’s goals list-Installation:  May 1st, 2022-Run Interference (see streamline administration)-Accountability
Operations-General Address business that has come before the board.
Volunteers vs paid Consultants discussion (financial review question). Refer to Dick’s write up.  Peter:  Fin not recommending a paid position.  Clarity that this is a vol position when we ask someone to do a task.  Elaine is a professional, but this is a vol position.
Motion: Continue financial: review as a volunteer position.  Peter/ Polly.

Brian’s Housing allowance increase (from Brian’s board report) Brian is asking for the board to consider increasing the monthly housing allowance from $3,500 to $3,700. Do we want to consider this and refer to Finance for impact? Brian:  This is a reallocation of monies from salary to housing. 
Motion to approve same: Peter/Rob. 6 yes.
Peter to inform Payroll.

Staff appreciation, get to know you.  Dec 10 @ 4:30.
Personnel Manual (Peter):  email vote of motion. “This is the streamlined version.  Brand-new, thoughtful, detailed.”

Pending actions: Action Items Review from the previous board meeting (Jeanne)
Wrap Up
Next Strategic Topic
Board Communications: Provide continual communication with the congregation to provide transparency and invite collaboration. What do we want to communicate out this month? How? Who? Jeanne to do summary blurb
Thank You Notes: Recognition and proposals for “Thank You” notes.
John Cooney, Rob Fawcett & Peter H when couches disappear, fence repair, working on lighting, etc. Ask Steve for details.
RE teachers because a lot more work this time.  (Lillian)Alex got Pm Council for many hats.

Action Items (Jeanne) Recap of action items from this meeting.

December Meeting Calendar Items for December delayed to 1st week of Jan. BoT Meeting – Jan 4th, 7-9pm, Peter Hartzell’s House 
Closing Circle Rotation