Board Meeting Minutes for October 25, 2022

UUFRC Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2022

Location:  UUFRC Sanctuary

Trustees Attending: Brian Ferguson (non-voting), Peter Hartzell, Rob Davis, Jeanne DeShazo, Dick Edminster, Jason Laderman, Julia Mogilev, Erika Pretell

Trustees Absent:  None

Guests:  Chris Stovall

Peter Hartzell chaired the meeting and Erika Pretell acted as secretary for the meeting.

Call to order – Peter

Chalice lighting; Opening words; A moment of centering – Peter

Anti-Racism Learning – Reading and discussion

Consent Agenda 

  • The following reports were accepted:
    • Last BOT Meeting Minutes – 9-27-22
    • Connections Coordinator Report – October
    • Minister’s Report – October
    • Finance Committee Report 
    • Personnel Committee Report – October

Strategic Discussion – Peter

  • Discussion of how we feel we are doing on three board goals that we agreed to last month:
  1. Successful, positive change management of the Fellowship. Here are the things changing … we do not lead them all, but we are responsible for the overall success of the change represented:
    1. Task forces are successful
    2. Community members are integrated
    3. Strategy is embraced and integrated throughout the Fellowship
    4. Sustainable financial model is agreed upon
    5. Intergenerational Sunday services
    6. Leadership and volunteerism/ burnout is being addressed
  2. Cohesive communication strategy and implementation both internally and externally
  3. Demonstrate leadership in anti-racism and anti-oppressive work .. how we do our work, how the Fellowship grows in this work

Operations – Board Oversight

Board Reports – Items for Discussion as Needed

Program Council Update – Rob

  • No update

OGNS Update – Erika

  • Erika has tried to contact Teacher Kristi but she hasn’t responded to emails or phone 

Personnel Update – Jason

  • Job description – revising educator job description to match what they are actually doing now
  • Will contact new tech committee about security of personnel info
  • Developing a spreadsheet with alerts so we can keep up with mandatory training

Financial Update – Dick

  • Resolved Board approved a motion to revise policy on disbursements from Minister’s discretionary fund
  • FinCom is having discussions related to potential COLA adjustments.  We plan to do a salary and benefits review with assistance from Elisa Neipp.  Thinking about getting to 50% percentile with goal of eventually getting to 75%.
  • Resolved Board accepted Quarterly Financial Statement (J-S)

Task Force Updates

Strategic Implementation – Chris Stovall

  • Brian, Jen, Debbie, Chris have been meeting with Program Council, will go to committee heads next
  • Spreadsheet gives examples so committees understand how goals support outcomes and have metrics and dates
  • May offer a cottage meeting so people not on committees can give input
  • Which outcomes will the board “own” (be responsible party for)?  Ex; 3a, 5a and 5b

Tech Committee Charter – Chris Stovall

  • Resolved Board approved a motion to approve charter for this new committee

Young Adult Program – Chris Stovall

  • Proposal has been enthusiastically endorsed by Program Council
  • Budget request will fall in next year’s budget
  • Resolved Board approved a motion to approve proposal

Outreach & Marketing Team – Erika

  • Discussion about proposal and draft objectives 
  • Positive feedback from board members

Operations – General

Youth & Family, RE Program, Action Sunday – Brian

  • YFC Implementation Team and Action Sunday Update (Brian)
    • Going well, team is good, people are volunteering to run sessions
    • Positive feedback from parents from first Sunday 

Rental Tactical marketing meeting (Jeanne, Brian, Peter) 

  • Making plans for how to try to find more rentals
  • Will make more prominent on home page

Leadership and Member Integration – Peter & Brian

  • Have had 4-5 meetings, thinking about how to fill key leadership “holes” (ex; retreat leaders for next year, etc.)
  • Need to get people (re)engaged before asking them to take on leadership roles. Social activities are great way to do that. Idea of having one social activity per month.
  • Next leadership training planned for February
  • Board members, please encourage people to come to retreat, etc.
  • Idea of Dec. 3 concert as volunteer appreciation.  Staff organize so volunteers can just show up and enjoy.

Little Free Library Proposal

  • Resolved Board approved a motion to approve proposal to build and maintain a Little Free Library in the front yard 


  • Pledge campaign proposed date:  week of Feb 5-12; we will have first draft budget by then
  • Retreat worship service – while Brian is at retreat – UUSM said we could stream their service.  We are also looking into whether we could stream service from Monte Toyon.
  • We will have a Christmas Day service, in addition to Christmas Eve.
  • Partial Work Day on Dec. 3

Wrap Up 

Action Items Review – Erika

  • Brian will talk with Jen to book the band and will schedule the building for the Dec. 3 concert. Staff will plan the party as a volunteer appreciation event.

Thank You Notes (Julia)

  • Cyndi Williamson for identifying great CD offer
  • Auction team – Jen B-D, Susie Idzik, Jessica Stoutemire

Next Meeting

  •  BoT Meeting -Tuesday, November 29, 7 – 9:30pm, Sanctuary

Closing Circle – Peter

Adjourn: 9:20 pm