Board Meeting Minutes for May 31, 2022

In attendance:

Rev. Brian Ferguson x

Chris Stovall x

Rob Davis x

Tovis Page x

Polly Ragusa

Peter Hartzell x

Dick Edminster x

Jeanne De Shazo x

Call to order

Consent Agenda  

Purpose: Read and approve information based on the written reports without discussion. Items may be pulled out for separate discussion and approval if needed. 

Reports should include desired actions for the board, support needed, any concerns and updates relevant to church functioning. 

  • Last BOT Meeting Minutes – received
  • Connections Coordinator Report – received
  • DRE Report  – received
  • Minister’s Report – received
  • Finance Committee Report – received

(including quarterly financial report (Oct., Jan, April, July)

  • Personnel Committee Report  + April report – received
  • Email Votes – None

Motion to approve/second:  Peter/Rob.  Unanimously passed.

Strategic Discussion

Focus on the strategic issues of the church to provide direction and guidance.

Strategic Outcomes/Metrics Talk Through

-Talk through the strawman outcomes in preparations for Sunday’s offsite. 

Draft process for Board retreat:

Step 1 Approve Strategic Goal- Done.  Board will develop Outcomes for each goal.

Step 2 Develop an implementation plan.  

Simultaneously, Step 3 Develop a sustainable 3-year financial model, which we have never done before.  

Potential Future Topics:

-UUSM-relationship, Impact of Rev Ben’s departure

-Stephanie relationship

-Worship services being more justice oriented

-Safety Protocols/Business continuity

Operations-Board Oversight

Give a high level update as needed and address matters needing board attention.

  1. Board Reports Items for Discussion – as needed 

-Lillian’s coverage: Is there anything we need to do?  Implementation team addressing.

  1. Program Council Update (Rob)

-Chair and Liaisons-need board help in securing?  Chris:  Cochair model? Rob:  Martha wants to find someone to take her role.  She may stay.  

Board members think about skills and wants for liaison roles.

SG Outcomes TF: role of Program council?

  1. OGNS Update (Tovis): 

-Lease Vote. Motion/Second: Dick/Peter.  Unanimously approved.  ACTION Chris to sign lease.

  1. Task Force Updates
    1. Covid TF (Dick). Two big issues are food& drink and singing in sanctuary.  Dick to take these to Steve Hill.  How do we institutionalize TF rules, response, monitoring, not disband but not meet until August/Sept, etc
    2. YFC Implementation Team Update (Brian). Advertising targeted to comm. college people.  Planning progress is fun and moving well.  More and more ppl becoming enthusiastic.
  1. Financial Update (Dick)

-Approve 2022-2023 Reserve Plan Expenditures.  Because the building committee needs to be able to plan and act on the items in the plan for the next year, the upcoming year’s expenditures need to be approved AS IF THEY ARE PART OF THE OPERATING BUDGET.   Finance committee requests APPROVAL for 2022-2023 Building and Ministerial Reserve Plan line and ACCEPTANCE of the plans in total.  

Dick:  Reserve plan needs to be approved by board.  Legal document.  

Board:  we accept this building and the ministerial reserve plan and any monies over $1000 will require Board approval.

– This is about $1000 less than is in the budget.  Pledge is due June 15th.

Motion/second:  Tovis/Dick.  Approve UUA annual program fund pledge (Fair Share) of $14,982 for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.  unanimously approved

  1. Personnel Update (Peter). na


Address business that has come before the board.

  1. Monte Toyon Retreat, Nov 11-13, 2023. (see Jenn B- Ds 3 forms) 

Motion:  approve proposal and approve contract hold Annual Retreat at Monte Toyon Nov 11-13.

Peter/Rob. Unanimouslu approved.

  1. Fixin San Mateo


Annual meeting ballot words: Motion to endorse Fixin’ San Mateo County organization and be listed on the website and materials as an endorsing and supporting organization, and supporting the efforts of Fixin’ SMC by encouraging volunteer participation.”

Dick/Rob.  unanimously approved

UUFRC be listed

  1. Third GA Delegate, Kaye Bonney.

Motion to approve Kaye Bonney as delegate.  Rob/Peter.  Unanimous

Chris will let Kaye know.

Wrap Up

  1. Pending Actions 

Action Items Review – previous board meeting (Jeanne) 

  1. Board Actions and Communications

Recap of board actions from this meeting and communications to the congregation this month (Jeanne)

  1. Thank You Notes

Recognition and proposals for “Thank You” notes

-nstallation people:  

Strategic TF

Budget development presentation and financial development:  Brett, Jen B-D. Rob V. for his work on financial policies.

-Annual Meeting people:  AV, presenters, Office, Alex retiring as chair of Pgm Council

-A4 activities organizers (Peter and Martha, anyone else?)

-Lillian as she winds down her IDYF role?

-Beth Eggers for helping organize Susan Kibre’s memorial?

  1. Next Meeting
  • Strategic Discussion/Transition Potluck Dinner Sunday, 6/5/22, 4pm-7pm, place TBD. Potluck sign ups to be sent out. Jeanne action.
  • BoT Meeting -Tuesday, June 28th, 7-9:30pm, Sanctuary

Closing Circle 


Next Potential Strategic Topics

  • San Mateo sharing resources. Lot can be done remotely. Communication person, Admin, RE. Social Justice position for SM county. Cons-loss sense of ID of congregation.  Lose SAC individualism. Take it up a level as to UU. 
  • Program Council
  • RE Visioning Update (or under Ops)
  • The board retreat subgroups
  • Board Goals Review (3 mo check in)
  •  Online Ministry
  • Hybrid Services
  • Board Goals Review