Board Meeting Minutes for March 29, 2022

In attendance:

Rev. Brian Ferguson x

Chris Stovall x

Rob Davis x

Tovis Page x

Polly Ragusa x

Peter Hartzell

Dick Edminster x

Jeanne De Shazo x

Consent Agenda  Purpose: Read and approve information based on the written reports without discussion. Items may be pulled out for separate discussion and approval if needed. 
Reports should include desired actions for the board, support needed, any concerns and updates relevant to church functioning. Last BOT Meeting Minutes – Connections Coordinator Report – received DRE Report  – receivedMinister’s Report – receivedFinance Committee Report – received(including quarterly financial report (Oct., Jan, April, July)Personnel Committee Report – NA (no meeting)Email Votes – NADick/Tovis moved/seconded:  Passed. unanimous.  

Operations-Board OversightGive a high level update as needed and address matters needing board attention.
Board Reports Items for Discussion – as needed -Approve Maeve O-Meara as new chair of YAF CommitteeRob/Tovis moved/seconded:  Passed. Unanimous
Program Council Update –3 min.  Alex will shorten the annual report form, less verbiage, less stress..   Members changing.  Alex has been on 2 years.  Others leaving.  Let’s find out how they are doing with recruiting.
FinancialPledge Drive Goal – vote Brian/Co-Chairs.  Rob/Jeanne moved and seconded that $325K be our pledge campaign goal.  Passed. unanimous.
Draft Budget DickInformational: There are some policies that Finance will recommend changing.  E.g., $1000 checks require two signatures. 
Strategic DiscussionFocus on the strategic issues of the church to provide direction and guidance.
Growth Discussion/Budget 3 year Modeling       Chris/Rob/Board. The board needs to set a high level direction and goals for the modeling to be based on. 
-high level goal- grow the congregation (e.g. grow to 225 people over 2 years)-amount of risk willing to take (use money to achieve growth)-sustainability
Discussion:  sustainability.  Brian:  Growth must be part of the strategic plan. We want to grow our influence in this county.  Make our values and presence more prevalent in SMC.Be more interesting to youth.  Go out to join them.  Go out there.  How are we going to grow our young adults?  How do we grow our different segments?  How do we become more multi-cultural?  How do we grow the diff aspects of our church?The BoT needs to make declarative statements.  “Why are we doing this?”
Goal statements.  We want to grow our influence in this county with making our values and presence more prevalent in SMC.
Different generations come with diff needs.  We want to serve the diff segments of our church.  We want to serve young adults in the church and in the community of SMC.
We want to ensure all members and friends are actively served and cared for in their spiritual needs and our social-emotional relationships.
Apr 3rd is next Strategic TF meeting.  
Town Hall is the next time and place to bring this forward for air time.  It doesn’t have to be finished.  We don’t know yet what we doing with the budget.
Some of the public relations aspect could impact the budget.  We can cooperate with UUSM and Coastside.  This could be an exciting special campaign, with well thought out elements.
We can discuss this as part of our financing.  We need a clearer plan for how we want to spend Futures monies.  Finance: the budget you have put together is the one we are going for.  We could later have a revised budget.  Let’s take the time to do this properly. Plan more slowly; relieve the pressure.  
Operations-GeneralAddress business that has come before the board.
OGNS Update (Tovis) – 5 minCleaning up. Boyson room done. Attic will be done in August by using the Block room for staging.  Lease info: specifying which part of the attic we have and Boyson room is not a storage room.  They are not back to capacity.  Doing ok financially.  This info needs to go to adding to the lease – Tovis has it. ACTIONBoard Goals Check In  skip.
Pending actions: Action Items Review from the previous board meeting (Jeanne) – 5 min
Task Force UpdatesStrategic Task Force PollyRE Visioning TF Tovisa vote to approve the new CYFTF program concept as presented in the informational forums.  Motion Rob/ Polly.  unanimous.Not everyone in congregation has bought off on it.  Are we saying approve and then get going with implementation.
2) motion establish a CYF Implementation Team to realize this program concept, taking over from the current CYFVTF with detailed planning and implementation plan. (Maeve Knoth to be the chair, Gwendolyn Holden & Brian F. will be on it.)motion: Tovis/Rob. Discussion.  Work needs to be done in the next several months to be ready for fall.  Tovis will assist/liaison to BoT.  Needs representation across many areas.  ACTION for Rob: Pgm Council to help with filling out Implementation Team.  Passed unanimously.  Wording to Thank TF and share with congregation for Phase 2:  wording from Tovis.  Jeanne will let BoT know full wording of email to congre.  ACTION.
Covid Task Force.    DickNeed to edit with feedback (do not include guidance re singing in congregation) and send out:  Chris ACTION. and Chris will ask Steve. ACTIONBrian:  music ministries:  singing with masks recommended.  But we need to wait until covid TF acts.  Cannot enforce non-members in rental to be vaccinated or masked.  
Wrap UpBoard Actions and CommunicationsRecap of board actions from this meeting and communications to the congregation this month Nomination Cmte:  David Vallegra, Anna Dyer, Bill Welch, Polly.Town Hall agenda is drafted and up on Google drive.

Thank You NotesRecognition and proposals for “Thank You” notes.  TY to Silent Auction co-chairs. 
Next MeetingCalendar Items for AprilBoT Meeting -Tuesday, 4/26/22.  Sanctuary

Next Potential Strategic Topics

  • San Mateo sharing resources. Lot can be done remotely. Communication person, Admin, RE. Social Justice position for SM county. Cons-loss sense of ID of congregation.  Lose SAC individualism. Take it up a level as to UU. 
  • Program Council
  • RE Visioning Update (or under Ops)
  • The board retreat subgroups
  • Board Goals Review (3 mo check in)
  •  Online Ministry
  • Hybrid Services
  • Board Goals Review

Note about BoT working documents

The action items document is a helpful working BoT document but does not need to be part of the minutes.  The same is true of the Announcements Schedule.  

Each is a separate document and helpful in preparing for each meeting.