Board Meeting Minutes for June 28, 2022


Rev. Brian Ferguson x

Chris Stovall x

Rob Davis x

Tovis Page x

Polly Ragusa x  (partial) 

Peter Hartzell x

Dick Edminster x

Jean DeShazo – absent 

Jason Laderman-Jones x (visiting – not yet member) 

Consent Agenda  Purpose: Read and approve information based on the written reports without discussion. Items may be pulled out for separate discussion and approval if needed. 
Reports should include desired actions for the board, support needed, any concerns and updates relevant to church functioning. Last BOT Meeting Minutes – receivedConnections Coordinator Report – noneDRE Report  – NAMinister’s Report – receivedFinance Committee Report – received(including quarterly financial report (Oct., Jan, April, July)Personnel Committee Report – receivedEmail Votes – PDA Delegates
Accept the Consent Agenda.  Peter Moved/ Tovis Seconded.  Passed unanimously   

Strategic Discussion

Focus on the strategic issues of the church to provide direction and guidance.

The board spent significant time discussing and updating the outcomes on the strategic plan document. 

Strategic Outcomes

-Approve the Strategic Plan Outcomes – Peter moved, Rob Seconded.  Dick abstained, Polly had left by this point, so Chris voted to approve making a quorum (Peter, Rob, Chris, Tovis) 

Operations-Board Oversight

Give a high level update as needed and address matters needing board attention.

  1. Board Reports Items for Discussion – as needed 

Brian and the board would like a plan as well as the policies i.e. who needs to do what exactly in the case of possible emergency situations: 

  • Active Shooter
  • Disruptive person
  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  1. Program Council Update (Rob) – many operation items addressed by the program council
  1. OGNS Update (Tovis) – Open gate will be using the block room to organize all of their stuff from the attic at some yet to be determined time for a week in August.  TBD. 
  1. Task Force Updates – The board approved the updated COVID task force recommendations.   Dick moved to approve it, Tovis seconded. All (minus Polly who’d left by then) approved.  

The board agreed to request that the COVID task force review the policies again by the August 14th service with a specific focus on:

  •  evaluating if maskless singers may be allowed in the sanctuary
  • only vaccinated people are allowed into the sanctuary 
  • MOCA events still have to be outdoors
  • children under two are still not allowed to enter the building
  1. Financial Update (Dick)

Rob moved to retroactively accept the $2211.50 charge for Brian’s installation, Peter seconded. All in favor.  

  1. Personnel Update (Peter) – The personnel committee is very busy working on what UUFRC must do for our programs to comply with new AB 506 state law requirements.  


Address business that has come before the board.

  1. Approve the incoming 2022-23 board positions

President-Peter Hartzell

Vice President – Rob Davis

Recording Secretary – Erika Pretell

Treasurer – Dick Edminster

Corresponding Secretary – Julie Mogilev

Trustee at Large – Jeanne De Shazo

Trustee at Large – Jason Laderman-Jones

  1. Board Proposal Form Adoption (Chris)

The board accepted the form – Peter moved to accept it, Rob seconded. All (minus Polly who’d left by then) approved. 

  1. Board Goals Review

Decided no review needed. New goals will be forthcoming from the new board. 

  1. Updates (Read):

-Maeve is not a member and is chair of YAF-Alex Stagner is reviewing.

Wrap Up

  1. Pending Actions 

Action Items Review – reviewed from previous board meeting 

  1. Board Actions and Communications

Recap of board actions from this meeting and communications to the congregation this month. Covid update will to be communicated out. Dick and Peter are drafting the memo.

  1. Thank You Notes

Recognition and proposals for 

-the Personnel committee: Lesley Vallerga, Steve Hill, Lisa Conrad, Peter Hartzell. 

-End of Year Party planners-who?

-Financial Reviewers Jason Laderman and Jo Mutch

  1. Next Meeting
  • BoT Meeting -Tuesday, July 26th,  7-9:30pm, Sanctuary

Closing Circle : Leaving Members Affirmation