Board Meeting Minutes for June 20, 2023

UUFRC Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2023

Location:  UUFRC Sanctuary

Trustees Attending: Brian Ferguson (non-voting), Peter Hartzell, Rob Davis, Jeanne DeShazo, Dick Edminster, Jason Laderman-Jones, Lori Longo

Trustees Absent:  Erika Pretell

Guests: Susie Idzik, Ed Vaughan

Peter Hartzell chaired the meeting and Jeanne DeShazo acted as recording secretary for the meeting.

Call to order – Peter

Chalice lighting; Opening words; A moment of centering – Jason

Consent Agenda 

The following reports were accepted: Rob/Lori.  Accepted unanimously

Last BOT Meeting Minutes 

Finance Committee Report 

Personnel Committee Report 

Connections Coordinator Report

Pulled  for discussion:  Minister’s Report.  Staff party – has Cyndi been invited.  Yes.  

Dick:  Brian has moved to San Francisco north of Union Square.  Strategy for presenting to the congregation.  We have had a difficult experience with that.  (Rev. Rachel in El Cerrito.)  Brian:  We could not afford RWC.  We spent 9 months looking locally.   Move:  Jeanne/Rob.  Accepted unanimously Brian doing video

Strategic Discussion

Picking up where we left off in May … SPIT, Peter and the Program Council (Both SPIT and PC include Brian) met in May and agreed on moving forward with PC2.0. Here is a draft letter and model for the “new” PC. Let’s discuss and confer on how to connect oversight with the Board.

Letter to Fellowship – suggestions.  Remove reference to worship grid. Are we being cognizant not to dilute talent from our committees.  “This is one opportunity for you to serve”  

We have PC vols:  Chris Stoval, Jack Stovell, Anna Dwyer, Susie Idzik

 A joint retreat in August?  Board and PC together.  Work through the roles together.  Need to get calendar options together.

Operations – Board Oversight

 Board Reports – Items for Discussion as Needed

Financial Update – Dick.  No action items proposed.  TY for generous gift of $23,000.  

Bank signature cards still needed.  Peter.

Program Council – Rob  Last meeting was all about SPIT.  Some concerns that they have operational responsibilities.  May need to free them up from leadership development.

OGNS Update (Erika)  no news

Personnel Update (Jason) (5 min)

Brian’s performance review (see below)

Affirming retirement document for UUFRC.  Jason – Peter and Dick to sign.  

We need to know the plan for the contract to be updated.  1. Awaiting Brian’s discussion with EMPOWER.  2. Jason will fill out retirement form for Peter and Dick to sign.  3.Then will submit to UUA with payment.  4.Revisit contract which refers to this doc and get contract signed.   

Health care budgeted amount.  Done.  Now going forward we need to figure how to offer health care for Brian and Gigi needs to be resolved.  Where does responsibility for this rely:  Brian and Jen B-D.  Peter will discuss with Jen BD.  Put on agenda for July.

Brian’s contract.  Dependent on retirement form final.

Need policy for workers and worker’s permits.  Jason thinks this is a Board matter because of the ethical implications.  Not personnel.  Comply or not comply with eVerify.  Issue of hiring undocumented workers.  Do we want a policy at all.  Personnel needs to own whether they will run eVerify or not run eVerify.  Peter will ask Leslie V. and Eliesa Neipp

Dick needs to submit personnel review for Cyndi to Personnel Committee.  There have been scheduling and illness conflicts, so still collecting the data.  Share synthesis with Cyndi.  Get comments/feedback to Cyndi.  Target end of July.

FYI: Did not include arbitration in contracts but did add mediation.

8:14 pm. Executive session for personnel matters.  Ended 8:51 pm

Task Force Updates – What can/ should the Board be doing to ensure success?

Strategy Implementation (SPIT) (covered above)

Outreach & Marketing Task Force (OM) (Erika) () no news`

Brian’s Performance Check-In (off year) (15 min)

Board members:

Emphasize appreciation

Highlight areas for growth/attention

Brian – clarification, response

Next step – Peter, Jeannie/Erika, Brian create a one-page summary for minutes/ approval for our next meeting.

Brian’s retirement, healthcare wording changes (Rob + Jason)

Operating Instructions: Here is an excellent (if not entirely up-to-date) document that describes the working of the Board.  Useful? Volunteer to review/update??

Board roles for New Church Year:

Officers (see page 14, section 8 in Operating Instructions)  (prescribed roles in bylaws)

> President (see 9.1 in Operating Instructions)  Peter Hartzell

> Vice President (see 9.2)  Jason??

> Treasurer (see 9.5)  Dick Edminister

> Corresponding Secretary (see 9.4)  Gregory Gee

> Recording Secretary (see 9.3)  Erika

other roles to be discussed (see 9.6)

> Open Gate liaison  Erika

> Personnel Committee Liaison Jason

> Program Council Liaison-Susie along with strategic oversight

> OM Task Force – liaison Erika

> Sustainable Finance Task Force – liaison

> Anti-Oppression Task Force (TBD)

> Leadership development Effort – liaison/leader (TBD)  Lori Longo

> Others…?

At-Large  Lori Longo


Address business that has come before the board.

Tighten the Board Announcements (Jason) (5 min)  no update.  Awaiting new church year after summer recess.  

Ethical Spending – update? A taskforce for next year .. just a project? (Jason) (5 min) next year.  Have fellowship talks.  Task force.  LOVE: living our values everyday.  Keep on our agenda.

Wayside pulpit words (Rob) (2 min)  quotes and we need to delight.  Send to Gigi- Rob

Wrap Up

Retreat Date – August with the Program Council…

Pending Actions 

Action Items Review – Update announcements table- Jeanne/Erika

Tonight board meeting (Erika)

Previous (Erika)

Thank You Notes (Lori)  Laurie McMahon for Center of Interest;  23,00 gift; Brett -cogent description and clarity of $$ at annual meeting.

Connections committee for picnic


Gratitude for…

Aaron Cooney, Cal Sloan, Marc Casaretto, John Cooney

Atrium rebuilt wall and new flashing, painting

Next Meeting

 BoT Meeting – Tuesday, July 25,  7pm – 9:30pm, Sanctuary

Closing Circle – Peter

Adjourn: 9:30 pm

??August 20 or 27.  Recognition of Board members coming off the board.