Board Meeting Minutes for July 25, 2023

UUFRC Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Tuesday July 25, 2023

Location:  UUFRC

Trustees Attending:  Peter Hartzell, Ed Vaughan, Lori Longo, Susie Idzik, Jason Laderman-Jones, Gregory Gee

Trustees Absent:  Brian Ferguson (non-voting), Erika Pretell

Guests:  Dick Edminister, Treasurer

*Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm  opening words from Peter.

Peter Hartzell chaired the meeting and Gregory Gee acted as secretary for the meeting.

*Moment of silence for Cyndi Williamson and Alex Stagner for their daughter Jessica.

*Anti-Oppression Learning.  Reflection presented by Susie about her experience working at the Synagogue in SF. Susie shared that she learned a lot from Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones at UU San Jose (she didn’t create an outline, and has just done a whole bunch of work on congregations and anti-oppression work. Discussion regarding this as spiritual work; needs to be led by a minister and team for the whole congregation.  Motivation goal: to expand ourselves – not results/numbers based.  White supremacist culture to be recognized and begin to address.  Followed by a roundtable discussion

*Consent Agenda –

1.  June BOT Meeting Minutes motioned, seconded and passed.  

*Strategic Discussion –

1.  Program Council 2.0 update.  Discussion about role and purpose.  Jack Stovel, Chris Stovall, Anna Dyer, are working on this, along with Debbie Mytels, Kent Smith, and Alex Stagner.  Susie Idzik is the BOT liaison.  

2.  BOT retreat set for August 27, 2023 from 2pm – 6pm at Lori Longo’s home.  

Basically to reflect about church year ahead; set goals and our roles as it relates to strategic planning; and get to know each other.  The Program Council members will join for the last hour and potluck.  Purpose: to get to know each other and align the work of our two committees.

3. Jen Bahr Davidson, Finance Committee will meet via Zoom with the new members of the BOT (Ed, Susie, and Gregory) and others if they choose, to introduce them to the financial workings of UUFRC.  A recording will be made for future reference.

*Operations-Board Oversight –

1.  Finance Committee report as presented by Dick Edminister.  Discussion regarding the options for budgeting for healthcare insurance for Brian and Gigi.  It was motioned, seconded and passed to support option 2: 13% in 2024 and 10% in 2025.

action item:  Jason to review Dawn and Larry’s salaries with Personnel Committee for fairness for similar regional positions

action item:  Jason to review with Personnel Committee  QSEHRA health care reimbursement for 2024 and UUFRC Budget.  Revisit progress on this in the October BOT meeting.

2.  Contract for annual Monte Toyon retreat. Discussion motioned, seconded and passed to approve payment of $5894.10 to reserve site for retreat.

3.  Discussion regarding Fossil Free Facility projects.  Due July 28.  Request George Goslee to research/lead effort to see if we are eligible.  Also to look into whether the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) federal dollars can help with cost.  InterFaith Power and Light organization to coordinate efforts with Faith Based organizations.  UUFRC plans to submit an application.

action item:  Peter to communicate with George and coordinate application

4.  Personnel Update.  

*  Brian’s performance review discussed.  

action item:  BOT members to review and get comments back to Peter.

5.  Jason has assumed the role of VP of the Board of Trustees and as such the Board has designated him as an additional signer for the Community Bank of the Bay and Edward Jones accounts for the Fellowship.

action item:  Greg to communicate with Gigi and Dick that Jason will fill the VP post.

*Operations – General

  1.  Tighten the Board Announcements.  Jason and Brian recommend including announcements in the Order of Service and limiting the length of announcements.  Discussion as to why this is an issue and how to address it.  

action item:  Jason will develop a Google doc with examples of announcement formats (limiting length) to include dates presented to congregation.

2. Annual Auction.  Discuss plan to transition leadership after this year;  how to best achieve equity and inclusion to all congregation members so cost is not a barrier to participating in event – e.g. silent auction online at no cost; complimentary tickets to be passed out by Brian; offering items that cannot be used by successful bidder(s) to others;  have Brian work with Connections Committee.  Keep in mind four principles as event is planned and budget is spent: 1. set a firm revenue goal, 2. respect the theme, 3. respect volunteers time, and 4. try to keep goods locally sourced.  

  1. action item: Susie to communicate direction to Auction Team (Susie, Jesica Roybal, Jen Bahr-Davidson)

3.  Data Privacy.  Discussion included – the reason is a personal issue to protect members.  Do not include non-committee people in postings.  

action item:  Jason will draft a privacy document to be submitted/review by BOT, Office, Brian, and Beth Harrison (Editor, Redwood Circle Zine).

4.  Atrium Design Task Force.  Peter proposes Lisa Conrad, Lori McMahon, Nick Kibre, and DeeDee Stovel make up this Task Force.  

action item: Peter to invite them and post invitation to full community

5.  Security Upgrade Project.  Discussion regarding property security.  Bob Holden submitted a letter of concern.  Peter to lead.  

Action items have been noted above in bold.

Thank you notes to be sent by Gregory to:

Nick Kibre for installing hand railings.

Elisa Neipp, Rob Davis, and Jen Bahr-Davidson for researching insurance issue for Brian and Gigi.

Meeting adjourned 9:15 pm