Board Meeting Minutes for January 25, 2022

In attendance:

Rev. Brian Ferguson, Tovis Page, Jeanne De Shazo, Chris Stovall, Peter Hartzell, Rob Davis, Dick Edminster

Call to order
Chalice lighting; Opening words; A moment of centering
Opening & Closing Words Rotation
Oct-CS Nov-PH Dec-DE Jan-JD Feb-PR Mar-RD Apr-TP May-CS June-DE

Anti-Racism Learning: Increase our understanding and begin to incorporate these practices into our work. Read each section prior and have a few thoughts to share. 
Purpose: Raise Awareness
Oct: Progress, Quantity over Quality Nov: Perfectionism Dec: Individualism and I’m the Only One
Jan: Fear of Open Conflict Feb: PR Pick Mar: RD Pick Apr: TP Pick May: CS Pick June: DE Pick

Consent Agenda Purpose:
Read and approve information based on the written reports without discussion. Items may be pulled out for separate discussion and approval if needed.  Reports should include desired actions for the board, support needed, any concerns and updates relevant to church functioning.

Received and approved:  Dick/Peter.  
Last BOT Meeting Minutes – removed
Connections Coordinator Report  – removed
DRE Report – received
Minister’s Report – received
Finance Committee Report – received(including quarterly financial report (Oct., Jan, April, July)
Personnel Committee Report – NA
Email Votes – NA

Operations-Board Oversight
Give a high-level update as needed and address matters needing board attention.
Task Force Updates

RE Visioning TF (Tovis):Lillian gave progress update. CYFVTF meeting 2x/month. On schedule. BoT could help with feedback from stakeholders.  Her concern is that prelim concepts are far-reaching, beyond usual programming for CYF and it might take longer to work thru this in the fellowship. Plus we have the complications of COVID forcing us to be online now. The TF had wanted an open house setting to introduce the TF work.
What help from BoT:  Some of the programming being discussed is beyond the usual CYF programming.  Who do we reach out to?  How far do we need to go for feedback?  For example, we might ask that worship look different at times.  

Peter: It sounds like you are pushing boundaries, making CYF programming more permeable into the Fellowship.  That could require further buy-in.  This may involve:  Prgm Council, Worship Assoc., Connections.  Multi-generational.  Doesn’t have to be long and drawn out.  But there are probably Strategic Planning impacts.  There is a tension here in that Lillian is on board until the middle of June. Is a soft launch possible? BoT be our cheerleaders.

Chris:  is there a specific ask? [not yet]Slides are in BOT meeting folder.
Covid TF (Polly)Read update from email
Strategic TF (Polly)Read update from email
Finance (Dick)
Treasurer’s Report: Consider policy on payments for Dulce (vote).  Pay her as contracted when UUFRC building closes.  Moved and seconded: Dick/Tovis. Approved unanimously.

Another situation to consider:  giving Dulce sick pay when we are open.  This is referred to Personnel cmte. Peter fu

Lillian asks what is the status of Dulce’s contract. Peter fu

Dick and UUSM Treasurer, Tom Newman, have exchanged ideas and congregation financial budgets. 

Dick:  FinCom financial forecast and draft budget for next year follows.

Year End FY 2021-22 Financial Forecast.
Jen B-D:  we are down without usu front-loading of paying pledges off. Approved in consent agenda.

Phone cost analysis: Brian fu. Why has cost gone up?

Jennifer B-D Draft Budget Discussion-Consider ways to increase revenues or reduce costs by $30,000.
Jen B-D: review.  Quarterly report and budget spreadsheets needed in BoT meeting drive. 

Jo Mutch to talk with Open Gate.Jennifer B-D

Board Reports Items for Discussion (if any)

Program Council Update (Rob)

Strategic Discussion: Focus on the strategic issues of the church to provide direction and guidance.

Are the actions & decisions we make consistent with our mission and vision? How can we use them to guide our decisions around the budget and events.

Chris: WE are getting input from FinCom.  What do we want to do with our money.  Grow? Cut staff? Cut pgms? More focused?  Rentals revenue vs flexibility with our bldg? Growth vs Revenue vs Expenses.
Rob: Can we ask for scenarios from FinCom?  RE coming up – expense? 
Chris: How do we see our next several years. Focus, management of our resources.
Peter:  look forward 3 years. strategic direction.  Work the numbers/modeling.  Scenarios across those years with assumptions varied.
Chris: growth assumption scenario ⇒ greater pledge revenue
Peter: model needs to hang together logically.  working group (modeling, Brian…)
Jeanne:  not a growth model.  Tight focus, dynamic relationships, strong SJ. Quality of our connections both internally and within our community.
Tovis:  shared resources with UUSM (bookkeeper, RE) more interdependence.
Dick:  yes, UUSM sharing resources.  worth exploring.  SJ focus doesn’t work well for Dick.
Peter:  let’s not start with individuals but with models. (e.g., Flat growth model.)
Next steps.  Working group for Strategic values and goals.  Jeanne, Rob and Peter

+Fin model person. WG to present 3 models a week before the next Board meeting. (Peter will ask Jen BD for modeling person recommend.)  Bring in Brian after initial work.

-Installation – Pgm Council looking at our spring calendar.  We want installation to be good.  Delayed to the fall or have this spring? Lively discussion for having this celebration this spring with our needful congregation. 
Jessica as Installation chair and Silent Auction co-chair.  Create a new installation team to spread the work. Maybe UUSM will assist – Rev. Ben has offered. 

Rev. Brian and PC Wed. will review whole calendar for Spring.  Hope they will offer Installation date suggestion.  Cut back on some things, such as the annual report (is one required in bylaws?)-Proposed budget decisions. -Board goals check in (see table)

March 13-20.  Silent Auction
April 10-17. Pledge Campaign
April 17. Easter
April 24. Town Hall
May 1 . Brian’s installation

Future Agenda topics:
Jan: Board Goals Review (3 mo check in).
Feb: Sharing Resources (San Mateo, other UUs).
Brian’s reflections on our functioning as a Board
Pledge Drive Goal & Messaging
Mar: Online Ministry
April: Hybrid Services?
May: Board Goals Review

Address business that has come before the board.
Brian’s reflections on our functioning as a Board (Brian) moved to Feb.
Pledge Drive Goal & Messaging. Since this is not until April now, this discussion is tabled until Feb. BoT Sent a letter of support to Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, TX post-gunman standoff.

Pending actions: Action Items Review from the previous board meeting (Jeanne) will be via email.

Wrap UpBoard Actions and Communications
Recap of board actions from this meeting and communications to the congregation this month via google docs and email.  Jeanne

Thank You Notes Recognition and proposals for “Thank You” notes. Jen BD, Brett. (Peter to thank Polly)

Next Meeting:
Calendar Items for February BoT
Meeting – Monday February 28th, 7-9pm
Closing Circle