Board Meeting Minutes for February 28, 2023

UUFRC Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2023

Location:  Via Zoom

Trustees Attending: Brian Ferguson (non-voting), Peter Hartzell, Rob Davis, Dick Edminster, Jason Laderman, Erika Pretell

Trustees Absent:  Jeanne DeShazo

Guests: Maeve Knoth, Marianna Raymond, Sally Mentzer, JoAn Vaughan, Chris Stovall

Peter Hartzell chaired the meeting and Erika Pretell acted as secretary for the meeting.

Call to order – Peter

Chalice lighting; Opening words; A moment of centering – Rob

Anti-Racism Reading & Discussion – conversation 

Consent Agenda 

  • The following reports were accepted:
    • Last BOT Meeting Minutes – 1-31-23
    • Congregational Meeting Minutes – 2-5-23 (to submit to Annual Meeting)
    • Connections Coordinator Report – February
    • Minister’s Report – February
    • Finance Committee Report – February
    • Personnel Committee Report – February

Strategic Discussion

Discussion – Action Sundays

  • Several members of the Implementation Team attended the meeting to talk about how things have been going so far
  • Extremely proud of what accomplished in short period of time; team feels supported; had a few setbacks but it’s been energizing
  • Have ideas and material to go through the church year and roll out again next year, then decide if want to continue 
  • Challenges with scaling – space, hybrid technology (need training and support) but overall philosophy has been very positive
  • Some people have proposed holding Action Sundays once rather than twice a month
  • Idea of an Action Sunday where all activities are in sanctuary
  • Team thinks it’s sustainable with a few adjustments, such as administrative support for routine tasks; get volunteers to help move the chairs so implementation team can focus on planning
  • Brian has received positive feedback about shorter services
  • RESOLVED:  The board recommends continuing the Action Sunday model through the remainder of the church year

Operations – Board Oversight

Board Reports – Items for Discussion as Needed

Program Council

  • Nothing to report


  • Nothing to report

Personnel Update – Jason

  • Nothing to report

Financial Update – Dick

  • The change to increase retirement from 5 to 10% normally starts on the first of the year per the UUA (although our calendar year begins July 1) so would need to be retroactive (which is not in our current budget) or wait for next year.  Finance suggested waiting for January 1, 2024.
    • Proposed alternative – 7.5% starting 1/1/23 – Board liked this compromise (would mean a bit of unbudgeted expense this fiscal year but savings next year)
  • Healthcare/dental plan for Gigi – cost estimates are quite a bit higher than expected, plus life insurance and disability.  Brian will follow up with Jen Bahr-Davidson about this.
  • Need to decide where in next year’s budget to account for Action Sunday expenses and who will monitor (Dick & Brian to discuss offline; possibly put it under the board budget because it’s a task force)
  • Possible projects
    • Push-button automatic door opener Lowell Street entrance $300 (let’s do it)
    • Re-keying as card key system (let’s not do it)

Task Force Updates

Strategic Planning Implementation Plan (SPIT) – Chris Stovall

  • Identified 15 items over the 5 strategic goals with 3 for the board to own:  anti-oppression efforts, spiritual growth/learning journey, RE structure
  • The board needs to think about next steps

Outreach & Marketing Team – Erika

  • Defer to March meeting

Leadership initiative – Brian

  • Defer to March meeting

Ethical spending  – Jason

  • No questions on the proposal


  • Starting marketing efforts; website has been updated
  • Please add organizations that could be invited to rent (second tab)

Connections and work to be welcoming and lessen appearance of cliques

  • Board members should consider it part of the role to talk with people during Social Hour

Operations – General

Tighten up service to make time for worship

  • Especially on share-the-plate Sundays we have too much during service
  • Reduce Joys & Sorrows to write in book, email or chat and Brian will read; spoken Joys & Sorrows once a month
  • Reform announcements to shorten
    • Let’s try using a Google form with limited characters to keep announcements short – Jason will draft this
  • Board members please share comments with Brian by email by end of week

Closed session topic

Wrap Up 

Action Items Review – Erika

  • Brian talk to Jen health/dental benefits for Gigi
  • Brian and Dick discuss where to put Action Sunday expenses in next year’s budget
  • Jason draft Google form for announcements
  • All board members share comments about shortening services (ex; Joys & Sorrows, announcements, etc.) with Brian by email by end of week
  • All board members please send reflections by end of week with any additional reflections on closed session topic
  • All board members make special effort on Sundays to reach out to visitors and people we don’t know (for example, near Jen’s new Connections Corner by the fireplace)
  • Board members please add organizations that could be invited to rent (spreadsheet)

Thank You Notes (Peter)

Name/GroupGratitude for…
Rob Fawcett
Cal SloanJohn CooneyMark CasarettoPeter Hartzell
Completed the replacement of the remaining fluorescent lights and painted the ceilings — 4 classrooms and 2 offices (work over three months)
iTeam (Implementation Team)Martha, Maeve, Brian, Sally, Marianna, Hanju, Gwendolyn, JoAn
Elisa Neipp & Amy FrenchCo-chairing pledge campaign

Next Meeting

  •  BoT Meeting – Tuesday, March 28, 7 – 9:30pm, Sanctuary

Closing Circle – Rob

Adjourn: 9:16 pm