Board Blog: November 2018

Well, the midterms have ended and, as they say, the 2020 campaign has begun. Hopefully we get a little break before all of the robo-calls and leafleting start up again.

Ellen and I did our part to get out the vote by volunteering at call centers making calls to various districts around the country to urge support for several candidates. She especially put in the extra effort to encourage the change we want to see. The saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is attributed to Gandhi, apparently without basis. Regardless of who said it, there is a lesson there.

Many of you have also put in a lot of effort around the elections. Many were out canvassing the last weekend before the election, which is why we had to change the date for the Leadership Training class led by Chris Stovall. This is a second chance for all to come and learn about how we do things and what we are facing as we move through our interim ministerial period. The first session was held in September and we had about 20 people. Please join us on Saturday Dec 1 from 9 to 1

The project on the 60th anniversary of this fellowship is moving along well. John Cooney has organized reading bees to go through large amounts of newsletters, documents, board minutes, etc. to build a picture of our history. Look for updates from him periodically and him thanking you for volunteering to help.

If you haven’t noticed yet, take a look at the large bulletin board in the entry way. There is a new section devoted to the work our members are engaged in beyond our walls. You will see photos and info about our work with Fools Mission, Yaseen Foundation, Roosevelt Tutoring and Upward Scholars This is an important area where we show to our visitors and members what it is we do in the larger community around us. We have many things that we do that are primarily focused internally. However, it is what we do beyond our walls that can bring us a great deal of satisfaction and go towards fulfilling several of our 7 principles. Not to mention, what we are known for in our community.

This is the work of our church.

Steve Hill, BoT President