Board Blog: December 2018

At our upcoming Special Congregational meeting on Sunday 12-9-18 after the regular service we will be addressing two items. The first will be a vote on if this congregation wishes to ordain Eleanor Kilpatrick. This is something only a congregation has the privilege and responsibility to undertake. She is currently the co-chair of the Worship Committee, helped to create the Learning Journey Committee (Adult RE) and has been in our pulpit several times. She has completed all of the requirements of and been granted fellowship by the UUA’s Ministerial Fellowship Committee.

We have ordained several ministers here in the past. Nina Kalmoutis, Bill Kennedy and Julia Older among others. The process says to the larger UU world, “Here is someone who is ready to take on the responsibility of ministry within the larger religious community.”

This does not mean we or anyone else is hiring her at this time. In fact, by UUA guidelines, she is excluded from applying to apply in our next round of searching for a new minister. This just gives her the ability to look for a position with the benefit of having the right credentials. Sort of like having that important degree or work experience on your resume.

The second item will be the beginning of a discussion on how we are planning needed changes to our Bylaws to bring us into a better position relating to our search for a new settled minister. Part of what any prospective minister will pay close attention to during the search process will be the state of a congregation’s By Laws, how they relate to how that congregation actually functions and what their expressed goals for their future may be. The words and music have to match.

The first important step on that path is how we will select our Ministerial Search Committee. We will be using what is a “best practice” system which involves the congregation directly in choosing who will be nominated and then selecting from a slate of willing nominees the members of the committee.

As part of the official notification of the special meeting, you will be receiving a bio of Ellie and a copy of the document titles “A recommended way to select a search committee” along with the agenda. We expect the meeting to take no more than an hour.

Please plan on joining us at noon on Sunday December 9, 2018 in the sanctuary to help us take these important steps in the life of our church.

Steve Hill,

Board President