Author: lsvec

June All Ages Activity: Sidewalk Chalk Artwork

For our June All Ages Activity, let’s transform the sidewalks and pavement on our UUFRC corner into a sidewalk chalk collage welcoming summer.

Please visit the church Find the chalk in the white bucket by the front door

Near there, look for the large chalk drawing of … read more.

May All Ages Activity: Gratitude Ribbons

We’re starting our May All Ages Activity a little early. May 1 is also known as May Day. May Day’s roots go back to an ancient holiday known in the pagan Celtic world as Beltane. It is halfway between the Spring Equinox and … read more.

April All Ages Activity: Earth CleanUp

In previous months for the All Ages Activity we’ve asked you to add a little beauty to the world. This month, in honor of Earth Day, we’re asking you to subtract a little ugly instead.

Plan your own Earth CleanUp day. … read more.

March All Ages Activity: Bee Kind Seed Bombs

As we move into March and towards the Spring Equinox, the plants around us are blossoming. If we’re lucky, where there are flowers there are bees. Our world depends on bees. Many of the foods we love need bees to turn their flowers … read more.

February All Ages Activity: Valentines

We all like to open our mailbox on Valentine’s Day and find a Valentine. One of the hard things about the pandemic is that social distancing has separated us from loved ones. Extended family and friends are often outside our safe bubble. Grandchildren are separated … read more.

January All Ages Activity: Hope Rocks

Help us welcome January 2021 as a time for hope. We’ll be turning the calendar page on 2020, inaugurating a new president, and starting to see vaccines reach more and more people. For 2021, let’s share what we hope for. 

There’s a current fad for people … read more.