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Share the Plate with the Sequoia High School Dream Club

On Sunday, January 17, our UU Felllowship will donate the offering through it’s “Share The Plate” program to the Sequoia High School Dream Club. The Sequoia Dream Club’s mission is to help create limitless educational opportunities for undocumented students, and our donation will go directly … read more.

Share the Plate with GRIP Training Institute

This Sunday, November 15, our community offering will go to the GRIP Training Institute, a non-profit organization serving incarcerated people in California. This will be our Fellowship’s third year “sharing the plate” with GRIP, and I am grateful to our community for supporting an organization … read more.

UU the Vote

Send Vote-By-Mail Postcards to Voters in Texas

Reclaim Our Vote is sending postcards to Hispanic voters in Texas who are over age 65 to let them know how to apply to Vote By Mail for the July 14 primary.  This allows them to vote from the … read more.

Sharing the Plate with Insight Out

At our December 1st service, we donated $2,106 to Insight-Out’s Guiding Rage into Power program (GRIP).

“What a tremendous outpouring of support! I am so grateful not only for your generous financial contributions, but also for the way you welcomed our guests and opened … read more.

Dos and Don’ts of Recycling

Here is what you can and cannot put in your recycling bin.

Do Recycle

Clean and dry paper, cardboard, milk and juice
cartons, paper egg cartons, newspaper, magazines, junk mail (including
envelopes with windows)Glass bottles and jars. (OK to leave lids on. No
need to rinse, just scrape food off.)Metal … read more.

Where to Recycle Stuff in San Mateo County

Members of our UU Fellowship recently toured the Shoreway Environmental Center in San Carlos where we asked about the Dos and Don’ts of recycling, composting, and waste disposal.  Here’s some of what we learned. Due to space limitations, I am posting this as … read more.

Compost and Batteries

What to put in your compost bin. What to do with batteries.

Do Compost

Food scraps, meat, poultry, fish, bones, fruit,
vegetablesDairyFood and beverage soiled paper (such as pizza
boxes and some takeout containers)Yard trimmingsUtensils, plates, food containers labeled


Tape the terminals of lithium-ion and 9-volt batteries. Put the … read more.

You-Pick Berries June 15

Pick fresh, organic berries from R&R Fresh Farms in Pescadero. Jose Ramirez, one of the only first-generation Mexican-American farm business owners on the coast, operates the farm under a leasing agreement with Peninsula Open Space Trust.

We can pick raspberries, blackberries, and … read more.

Tour Shoreway Recycling Center June 12

China Refuses to Recycle Our Plastic, Now What?

For more than 25 years, many developed countries, including the U.S., have been sending plastic waste to China instead of recycling it themselves. But in 2017, China banned plastic waste from being imported beginning in January 2018.

Now that … read more.

Share the Plate Recipients

In the coming year of 2019-2020, we will be sharing our collection plate with the following organizations:

July 14 – Rape Trauma Services August 11 – Redwood City Educational Foundation September 15 – JobTrainOctober 13 – Community Overcoming Relationship AbuseNovember 17 – Upward Scholars December … read more.

May 2019 Social Action Committee Update

Upcoming Events:

May 7, 3pm – Meet with Supervisors Pine and Slocum with the goal of persuading the Board to adopt an ordinance to prevent the sheriff from cooperating with ICE.

May 7, 7pm – Green New Deal presentation at Riconada Library, 1213 Newell Rd. in Palo … read more.

Nominate Candidates for Share the Plate by May 1

The Social Action Committee will hold an election after the UUFRC Annual Meeting on May 19 to choose 10 organizations to receive a ‘Share the Plate’ collection in the coming year: July 2019 through June 2020.

To be eligible to receive a special collection, the … read more.

April 6 Hike Around Lake Chabot

On April 6, we’ll join Bob and Sandy Simoni for a 9-mile hike around Lake Chabot. We’ll skirt the shores of the lake with an occasional uphill climb; the highest elevation is 900 feet. We’ll see lovely views of the lake as well as wildflowers … read more.

March 2 Hike above Tilden Park

There is no telling what the weather will be like on Saturday, March 2, but we do know that the East Bay hills will be green and lush. So we’ll take a hike along the mostly-paved Nimitz Trail above Tilden Park from where we’ll look … read more.

The March for Fossil Fuel Freedom

March 16-18

We all know the climate crisis is rapidly worsening, far outpacing progress toward a renewable and sustainable future. It’s time to stop the fossil-fuel industry and its allies from continuing to wreck our planet.

The Fossil Fuel Freedom March from Palo Alto to San … read more.