April All Ages Activity: Earth CleanUp

In previous months for the All Ages Activity we’ve asked you to add a little beauty to the world. This month, in honor of Earth Day, we’re asking you to subtract a little ugly instead.

Plan your own Earth CleanUp day. Get outside on a bright and sunny day, take a bag and gloves with you. Go for a walk and leave your path cleaner than you found it. Take a hike at the park or your favorite open space area. Walk along El Camino Real or another commercial street. Go to the beach or your neighborhood creek. Do it solo or coordinate with others (as long as you mask, social distance, and follow the no more than 3 households rule).  

Do it once or make a habit of it and do it every week. If we all subtract a little ugly, think of the simple beauty that can shine through…

For the slideshow:
Take a photo of you and your brim-full collection bag and another of some unexpected beauty you found along the way. Maybe take before and after shots… (Horizontals work best.)

Send photos to Erika Pretell erika.pretell@gmail.com by Wednesday, April 7. 


Please think about how to safely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle when doing this activity: 

  • Reuse single-use plastic bags as collection bags. 
  • Reuse washable gloves instead of disposable ones or reuse plastic vegetable bags on your hands instead of gloves when picking up litter.  
  • Take a second bag along to collect cans and bottles for recycling.
  • Take hand-sanitizer with you. 

Come to the service on Sunday, April 18, to see the slide show and hear a related Time for All Ages story during the service.

Let’s honor our seventh principle to value our responsibility in the web of life and do a little spring cleaning of our Blue Boat Home. 

Have fun!

— Lillian

Lillian Svec
Interim Director of Youth & Family Programming
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City