April 16th “Bring-A-Friend” Sunday

As part of our Outreach & Marketing efforts, UUFRC will hold a “Bring-A-Friend Sunday” service on April 16th.  You’re encouraged to invite someone you know who might enjoy becoming connected to UUFRC. The goal is for all of us to help spread the word about this wonderful community.  Of course newcomers are always welcome at UUFRC. But we hope designating a specific Sunday will make it easier for each of us to reach out and invite friends and family. The Service is designed to be particularly welcoming to newcomers.   Rev. Brian will speak on UU identity.

So please save the date and start thinking about someone to invite.  Perhaps your grandchildren, those neighbors who are new empty-nesters, your child’s preschool classmate and family, the student you tutor in English, a cycling buddy, a new friend from the YMCA. 

On April 16 – and every week, really – please greet people you don’t know during the Social Hour.  Creating a welcoming culture at UUFRC takes all of us – not just Jen Gill and the designated greeters.  Introduce yourself, ask some questions to get to know them better, invite them to come back to a UUFRC activity or event, introduce them to another member who shares something in common with them. We of the Outreach & Marketing Task Force have developed some tools and guidance to make this easy for you. So ask one of us (Liz Sloan, Polly Ragusa, Patty Leepr, John Anning) if you want to know more. 

We have a new Marketing Toolkit available on our website. The Toolkit is designed to make all of us skilled, confident, joyful spreaders of the UUFRC word. And it’s just in time for Bring-A-Friend Sunday!  Please contact me if you’d like to participate.

Erika Pretell (On behalf of the Outreach & Marketing Task Force)