And so it’s a New Year…

Take a deep breath. Let it out… We made it through the Holidays. And now here we are: Ready to jump into 2019. Take another deep breath!

The world we know is both troubled and seeming to spin nearly out of control, and yet breathtakingly beautiful and wonderful at the same time. So much of what is wrong we have no control or power to change. It makes it a bit hard to be excited about a New Year, knowing that the problems we face come right along over that delineation of Old Year and New Year.

Member Kai Marks, in her sermon given on December 30th, spoke of how everything we do is important, because even the small decisions we make and carry out have the capacity to bring change. I cannot stop the mass shootings we now cope with far too often, I cannot stop political decisions made by our current government that seem to drive us closer and closer to world disaster on many levels.

But I can do small things: sign petitions, call the White House, walk in protest, greet someone who seems lonely, write a letter of condolence, donate to a cause dear to my heart. Each of these small things sends out ripples and joins with the ripples of others who are doing small things. The ripples spread. When I think of this I find hope, which sustains me in continuing to do small things.

We can all become more intentional with doing small things, hoping the ripples will continue to grow and spread and come together to create change. We can start right here at UUFRC. Look around you. I bet you can see people whom you have not yet met. We can’t know what each of us carry in our hearts. Reach out. Smile. Offer a hello. Start a conversation. You have no idea that these small gestures may be something that shifts darkness, or saves a life. Think about volunteering, here at UUFRC or beyond our walls. Each act of giving gives more than you can ever imagine.

Come and learn more about who we are as Unitarian Universalists, and how we have affected, and continue to affect the world. Attending our UU History Class on January 13th , 12 noon to 2pm, will help you learn about our long journey from our roots to the liberal, living faith we are today. Our faith brings us together to do so much more than our single selves can do.

I find hope in being reminded of this, and in continuing to participate with this congregation in decisions and actions both small and not so small. In this New Year, may we continue to join hands to welcome others, make intentional decisions and take intentional action, and know that the ripples we send out will make a difference, even if we may not know how.

Blessings and more,