Month: October 2020

Program Council Meeting Minutes from September 26, 2020

UUFRC Program Council Minutes – September 26, 2020, 7 pm, via Zoom

Attendees:  Alex, Lori, Ellen, Tovis, Martha, Rev. Brian

Absent: Marina

Minutes of August meeting – approved.

PC Cluster Groups

Operations (Alex): Building, Committee on Ministries, Communications, CUUE

Congregational Life (Lori):  Caring, Connections

Justice & Outreach (Ellen):  Roosevelt Tutoring, Social Action, … read more.

Program Council Meeting Minutes from August 20, 2020

UUFRC Program Council Minutes – August 20, 2020, 7 pm, via Zoom

Attendees:  Alex, Lori, Marina, Ellen, Tovis, Martha, Rev. Brian

Minutes of July meeting – approved.

Reviewed action items:

            Ellen joined the COVID19 task force.

            Alex added all committee members to the PC Google Drive.

            All other … read more.

Seldom Asked Questions About the Program Council

What is the Program Council?

We are a governance committee that works to balance the needs of congregational activities while monitoring our building use, volunteer time and church calendar. The Program Council comprises six clusters: Congregational Life, Governance, Faith Formation, Sunday Services, Social Justice & Outreach … read more.

Share the Plate with GRIP Training Institute

This Sunday, November 15, our community offering will go to the GRIP Training Institute, a non-profit organization serving incarcerated people in California. This will be our Fellowship’s third year “sharing the plate” with GRIP, and I am grateful to our community for supporting an organization … read more.


We are so happy to announce that we are once again welcoming all into the building.

Please look at our facility calendar and join us for any of our upcoming events.

Look forward to seeing you.


New to UUFRC?

Are you “UU curious”? Are you new to Unitarian Universalism and UUFRC? WELCOME! We are so glad you are here.

Our Connections Coordinator, Jen Gill, holds regularly scheduled Welcome Circles on the second Sunday of every month after the service, for about 50 minutes. You … read more.

Summary Board Minutes: September 29, 2020

Summary Minutes of the UUFRC Board Meeting,  Sept 29th, 2020

Board meetings are public; every member is invited to attend.

Attending: Steve Hill, Chris Stovall, David Stoutamire, Polly Ragusa, Tovis Page, Graham Abra, Rob Davis, and Rev. Brian Ferguson

Finance report: Graham reviewed the latest Finance Committee report … read more.