Month: March 2019

Nominate Candidates for Share the Plate by May 1

The Social Action Committee will hold an election after the UUFRC Annual Meeting on May 19 to choose 10 organizations to receive a ‘Share the Plate’ collection in the coming year: July 2019 through June 2020.

To be eligible to receive a special collection, the … read more.


We are very happy to announce that you, the membership, have chosen the people to be on your Search Committee:  Tracey Fecher, Erika Pretell, Cal Sloan, DeeDee Stovel, Bill Welch.

Their work is just beginning. Please congratulate them this Sunday or when you next see them.

April 6 Hike Around Lake Chabot

On April 6, we’ll join Bob and Sandy Simoni for a 9-mile hike around Lake Chabot. We’ll skirt the shores of the lake with an occasional uphill climb; the highest elevation is 900 feet. We’ll see lovely views of the lake as well as wildflowers … read more.

Time is Precious, Our Work is Important

I was going to start out this writing by saying “Now is an important time in our Fellowship”, but on further reflection ~  All time is important in our Fellowship. Just as with life in general, all time is precious.We were beautifully reminded of this during our … read more.

Congregational Votes, Sun Mar 17

On Sunday March 17, 2019 at noon in the sanctuary we will hold a special congregational meeting to elect the members of the Ministerial Search Committee and vote on the Covenant of Right Relations document you have been working on over the last several weeks. … read more.