Month: July 2018

Woods Working: Allowing Awe

Now, on the week of Lughnassadh (the cross quarter in the Wheel of the Year between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox), though I am back from vacation, I am holding on to the awe and wonder of this amazing and fragile planet, as … read more.

Lab Girl on August 6

Our August book group on 8/6 will focus on Lab Girl by Hope Jahren. I loved this book about a girl who makes her way in the world of science. Join us at 7:30 in the back lounge.

Summary of the UUFRC Board Meeting, June 26, 2018


Bob Holden, Rev. Gretchen Woods, David Vallerga, Anna Dyer, David Zarubin, and Lisa Conrad. Absent: Steve Hill and Marina Rose. Also attending were newly elected Board members: Chris Stovall and Beth Harrison. We were joined by the Committee on Ministries members: DeeDee Stovel, John Cooney, … read more.