Month: February 2018

From our President of the Board of Trustees, Robert Holden

Greetings from the Board of Trustees,

Two activities will be occurring in the months of February and March that are crucial to the healthy future of our Fellowship. The first is the series of the Cottage Meetings. The second is the annual Pledge Drive.

The Cottage Meeting … read more.

Cottage Meetings Need YOU!

Would you like to have some input into finding our next called minister and how our church community evolves? NOW is your chance! Rev. Gretchen has been organizing a series of activities to help prepare our community for the future; thus far we have participated … read more.

From our Connections Coordinator, Cindy Johnson

What is important to us at UUFRC? The answers are probably as varied as we are. We come with different hearts, minds, and beliefs but I think it’s fair to say that we come together as seekers: Some seeking spiritual nourishment and growth, some seeking … read more.