2018 Annual Meeting Voting Results and Next Year

Hello from the Board of Trustees,

The end of the Church year is almost upon us.  We are going to finish the year with many successes and in good shape for the future.  These include a balanced budget for the current 2017/18 fiscal year and a likely positive carryover for next year, newly elected leaders, a ratified budget for next year, and an updated Vision, Mission, and Covenant.

Results from the vote at our Fellowship Annual Meeting are as follows:

  • 81 ballots were submitted (66 provided to members at the Annual Meeting and 15 absentee ballots provided before the Annual Meeting).
  • The UUFRC has 162 members eligible to vote.  The Bylaws require a quorum of 25% of eligible voters (40.5 Members) to be in attendance.  So, a quorum was reached.
  • The following votes we cast for candidates for the Board of Trustees (BoT)
    • Chris Stovall – 77 votes, 95%
    • Beth Harrison – 77 votes, 95%
    • David Vallerga – 76 votes, 94%
    • Steve Webster – 2 write-in votes
  • The following votes we cast for candidates for the Denominational Affairs (DA) Committee
    • Alex Stagner – 77 votes, 95%
    • Peter Hartzell – 75 votes, 93%
  • The following votes we cast for the proposed Vision, Mission, and Covenant
    • For – 62 votes, 76%
    • Against – 11 votes, 14%
    • Abstain – 8 votes, 10%
  • The following votes we cast for the proposed budget for the 2018/19 fiscal year
    • For – 74 votes, 92%
    • Against – 3 votes, 4%
    • Abstain – 3 votes, 4%

Ballots can be made available for recount upon request.

The BoT for next year will include Bob Holden, David Vallerga, David Zarubin, Steve Hill, Anna Dyer, and our two new BoT Members Beth Harrison and Chris Stovall .  The BoT will choose its officers for next year during our July BoT meeting.  Thank you again to our two departing BoT members Lisa Conrad and Marina Rose for their efforts and dedication to the UUFRC.

The elected members of the Denominational Affairs committee for next year include Susie Idzik, Ellie Kilpatrick, Debbie Mytels, and our two new members, Alex and Peter.

Quickly turning our attention toward next year, the BoT is organizing two task teams.  The first team will focus on the “One Big Project” for next year.  The other is a Stewardship team that will think through and better coordinate our various fund-raising efforts.  If you would like to participate in either one of these efforts (or both), please contact your favorite BoT member.

With hope for the future and appreciation of efforts given,
Robert Holden
President – UUFRC Board of Trustees