“1969” The Annual Silent Auction is just 3 WEEKS AWAY! Sat, Oct 20 from 6-9pm

The biggest “fun/fund-raiser” of the year is 3 weeks away and WE NEED YOUR HELP!


  1. Purchase Advance Tickets: Advance tickets on sale every Sunday after services through October 14 in the Social Hall. Tickets are $25 for adults and $5 for under 18 (check or cash only).
  2. Donate: The online donation site is live and just waiting for you to submit your donations by clicking Here.  OR on paper donation forms are available after Sunday services through October 14 at the Advance Ticket table.
  3. Volunteer: There are many positions we need filled. Sign-up by clicking Here.


​***​We ​also ​have a special request—​We need someone to step forward and take on the Team Lead ​for decorations. There are people to help and a budget!​****​


You can help make the Silent Auction a great success! Please contact with any questions: Jen Bahr-Davidson or Jessica Roybal.