“1969” The Annual Silent Auction is 19 Days from Today


“1969” The Annual Silent Auction is Saturday, October 20 from 6:00pm-9:00pm



Donations Submitted

As of today, there have been 23 Auction Items Donated. Our goal for this year is 80 donations, so we have a ways to go. We know there are some fantastic ideas out there for auction items.

Please submit them today  Online Here or fill out a Donation Form on Sunday after services at the Auction Table.

Please keep in mind when pondering what to submit, that the most popular and best income generating auction items are ones that bring UU’s together- a dinner, a fun get-together, or an outing.

And don’t forget, we are happy to accept any gift cards you and your family might have lying around that no one wants to redeem.


Volunteer Sign-Up

As of today, we have 54 spots filled, out of a possible 112 spots. So we are halfway there. If you have not yet volunteered for a spot, please do so today Online Here.

Or sign-up on the volunteer sheets on the Auction table on Sunday after services.

Areas where we really need volunteers: Bringing desserts, decoration set-up, Data processing (helping to determine winners and entering them into the computer), and Auction Check-In.


Advance Tickets the the Auction Event

As of today, 37 UUFRCers have purchased advance tickets to attend the Silent Auction. Last year, approximately 100 UUFRCers purchased advance tickets, so we are almost 1/2 way there.

Advance tickets may only be purchased on Sundays after services and only through October 14 (there are only two Sundays left).

After October 14 and on the evening of October 20, adult tickets will be $40 and child tickets will be $6.

So don’t delay- Purchase your tickets, donate your items and volunteer to help make the Annual Silent Auction a peaceful, harmonious and Flower Power event!