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“The Path of Most Resistance” 8-13-17  Lee Rossi  Message: The Path of Most Resistance Lee Rossi

“The Harvest”  8-07-17 Kathy Warne and Laura Zimmerman Homily: “Lammas, the First Harvest” Kathy Warne

“Living Our Legacy” 7-30-17 Reverend Rachel Anderson Sermon: Living Our Legacy,

Part2 Sermon

“Now More Than Ever”  7-23-17 Kate Hand Homily: Now More Than Ever

“Jesus Christ UU Superstar”  7-16-17 Bob Simoni  Sermon: not available on audio

“The Big Question”  7-10-17  Reverend David Usher  Sermon: Reverend David Usher

“Persuasion as a Spiritual Practice” 7-02-17 John Anning Reflection1, Reflection3, Reflection4, Sermon: “Persuasion as a Spiritual Practice”

“Does A Church Have Soul?” 6-25-17  Don Neeper  Sermon Audio
“When the Arc of the Universe Seems Not to Bend” 6-18-17 Sermon: Rodney Lemery
Video of Interview of Rev. Stefanie by John Anning June 11, 2017

Three members of our community recently built a new pulpit.  A description of the process:
Building the Pulpit