Building Community

As an inclusive, welcoming community UUFRC is committed to “radical hospitality” – which has far more to do with a commitment to bringing our full presence to one another, to listening deeply and sharing sincerely, than it does with what kind of cookies we serve up during Social Hour (although the MInistry of Culinary Arts team does a fabulous job with that as well).

Here every event, every activity, is recognized as an opportunity to learn from and to support one another!

Many of our members and friends have cultivated deep and abiding connections over the years.  At the same time, all of our committees regularly reflect on ways to help newcomers discover the kind of healing, support, inspiration and joy that they themselves have benefited from.  And, particularly, to discover a path to full, gratifying engagement with this liberal religious tradition.

There are so many opportunities for social connection, service and spiritual growth here.

To find out about upcoming opportunities you may sign up for the monthly newsletter and/or to be on the Yahoo email list.  You can also speak to any of our Sunday Greeters, the Administrator, Connections Coordinator or Minister.  And, of course, check the bulletin boards and printed Sunday Announcements.

Families are encouraged to connect with the Director of Religious Education to find out about the many exciting programs being offered in support of families. Contact: Derby Davidson <>