Path to Membership

We want you to get to know us well and to understand that we are part of a larger movement of Unitarian Universalist across the United States and the world.  Below is the path to learning about us and considering membership:

Welcome Circle:  If you are new to our faith and/or Fellowship, please join us for this brief meeting held the first Sunday-of-the-month at 11:45am.  We’ll introduce you to who we are and have information available about what we offer.  Questions are welcome!  Childcare is available, if needed.

Getting to Know UU:  This two hour class is an introduction to our Unitarian Universalist liberal faith. We explore the roots and history of Unitarian Universalism, our larger UU world, and the history of our own Fellowship. Come and find out why we’re called a “living faith” and learn about our Seven Principles.

Getting to Know UUFRC: The focus of this two hour class is to help you get to know our Fellowship in depth. We discuss how and why to get involved, our structure, communication, and the meaning, benefits, and responsibilities of membership.

These classes are held several times a year. Please contact Connections Coordinator, Cindy Johnson, for upcoming dates. Email Get Cindy’s email address

Becoming a Member:  You are welcome to sign our Membership Book at any time after you have taken the “Getting to Know UU” and “Getting to Know UUFRC” classes. Several times a year, we hold an Ingathering Ceremony during a Sunday service to introduce and celebrate our new members.  It’s a very special occasion and includes candle lighting, a spoken covenant with the congregation, photos, and a celebratory cake for everyone following the service.