Youth Groups

Youth Group Description

UUFRC youth group is a magnet for young people in grades 6-12. Our Youth Advisor and parents coordinate engaging projects, activities and trips for middle school and high school students that promote the search for truth and meaning and foster close connections.

Join us at an event!!! Bring a friend!  Kayaking, Great America, game nights, sleepovers, camping trips as well as service work in our community are just a sampling of the things we do. Be sure to check out our calendar to confirm events and meeting dates throughout the year. And if any of our events are a bit out of reach for your family financially, please don’t hesitate to contact our Director of Religious Education, Derby Davidson (get Derby's email address), for assistance.

“I need this!” – a remark made by a UUFRC youth after a YoUUth event

How do I sign up?

UUFRC youth group is open to youth in grades 6-12 who share our UU values, want to make new friends, learn about the world around them, and grow as individuals. We are committed to providing a safe vibrant environment for our youth during this critical life stage. Youth and a parent/guardian must first sign our UUFRC Youth Group Consent and Release Form_2016 for the church calendar year (September through June) before attending any youth group event, including meetings. After a youth is signed up, simply check our youth group calendar, RSVP by following the instructions in the calendar appointment (if needed), and meet us at our event! If you have any questions about attending an event, please feel free to contact our Director of Religious Education, Derby Davidson (get Derby's email address).

Youth Group Calendar

Our youth group calendar lists all youth group activities including conferences. Be sure to look into MUUGs Retreats, sponsored by our regional Unitarian Universalist Pacific Central District (PCD), for middle school youth. These retreats are a great opportunity to begin the UU youth group experience that can continue into young adulthood. For high schoolers, the Young Religious Unitarian Universalists of the Pacific (YRUUP) is a youth-run organization that sponsors conferences (CONs) for ages 14-20 in our region.

“The reason I like MUUGs and all youth at UUFRC for that matter, is that I can really let the real me shine, and no one will criticize me. Everyone takes me the way I am.” – middle school youth group MUUGs participant

Where are the forms?

UUFRC members and authorized individuals, please sign into our secure page to view youth eligibility, instructions on organizing a youth event, and further information on MUUGs and YoUUth programming.

Youth Life Subcommittee Members

Who’s making all of these fantastic youth group events happen? UUFRC’s Youth & Children in Community (YCC) has a subcommittee called the “Youth Life Subcommittee” (YLS) that coordinates youth group programming along with our Youth Advisor.

Feel free to reach out to any of the youth and adults on YLS with ideas or an offer to help by visiting our secure page where you can register or sign in to access the page.  To download a copy of our youth group brochure, click here.