Malia Fineasi – Administrator

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Derby Davidson – Director of Religious Education 
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mid August – mid June

Cindy Johnson – Connections Coordinator
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Dawn Reyen – Music Director
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Kim Rosenmiller – Bookkeeper (Accounting/Pledge Statements)

Reverend Julia H. Fankuchen – Minister Emerita
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Derby Davidson – Biography

Derby Davidson has been Director of Religious Education (DRE) at UUFRC since October 2010.  The DRE’s role is to administer and guide religious education programming for children (5th grade and younger) and youth (6th through 12th grade).

Derby has completed five (out of ten available) Renaissance Modules:  Philosophy of Religious Education, Teacher Development, Curriculum Planning, Ministry with Youth, and Administration as Leadership.  Renaissance Modules are 15-hour trainings for religious professionals offered by the UUA.

One of Derby’s biggest passions is the Our Whole Lives (OWL) program of age-appropriate, comprehensive human sexuality education developed jointly by the UUA and the United Church of Christ.  He is certified to facilitate (i.e., teach) OWL at the following levels:  Kindergarten-1st grade, 4th-6th grade, 7th-9th grade, and 10th-12th grade.  Derby has also been certified to train OWL facilitators at the 7th-9th grade and 10th-12th grade levels.

Derby grew up unchurched in Buena Park, California.  He and his wife were looking for a church community when they discovered UUFRC in 2003.  They became members in 2004.

After serving UUFRC’s children’s religious education program in a number of volunteer capacities, including teaching Sunday school and chairing the Children’s Religious Education Committee, Derby jumped at the chance to leave environmental consulting and become UUFRC’s DRE when that position was vacated in 2010.

Derby enjoys reading, hiking, and many sports.  In recent years, he has particularly enjoyed coaching his youngest daughter’s softball, volleyball, and basketball teams.  Much of his spare time is spent getting his two daughters to and from their various activities.