Board of Trustees

Members:  Do you have a question or suggestion about UUFRC?  We want to hear from you!

Contact any member of the Board of Trustees (listed below), the Minister, or the appropriate Committee Chair, depending on who you feel most comfortable speaking with.

Board of Trustees 2017-2018
The Board of Trustees is composed of seven elected members of the congregation. Each trustee serves two years in staggered terms to provide consistency in policy leadership.  The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the operations and business aspects of the church, and it handles strategic issues facing the congregation.

  • President: Bob Holden, 7/16 – 6/19
  • Corresponding Secretary:  Marina Rose, 7/16 – 6/18
  • Member at Large/Safety & Facilities:  Steve Hill, 7/17 – 6/19
  • Vice President:  David Zarubin, 7/17 – 6/19
  • Treasurer:  Anna Olsen Dyer, 7/17 – 6/19
  • Member-at-Large/Personnel: Lisa Conrad, 7/16 – 6/18
  • Recording Secretary:   David Vallerga, 7/16 – 6/18

    Jennifer Bahr-Davidson, Chair
Dick Edminster, Cal Sloan, Cyndi Williamson, Judith Watkins

Board Treasurer: Anna Olsen Dyer

Bookkeeper: Kim Rosenmiller


Committee on Shared Ministry:  tbd

Board Meetings
The Board of Trustees meets in the Front Lounge at UUFRC on the Tuesday following the 4th Monday at 7pm (barring holidays and other scheduling conflicts).  UUFRC members are welcome to attend.

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates: 2017

January 2017  AGENDA 17-01-24

February 2017  AGENDA 17-02-28

March 2017  AGENDA 17-03-28

April 2017  AGENDA 17-04-25

May 2017  AGENDA 17-05-23

June 2017  AGENDA 17-06-27

July 2017  AGENDA 17-07-25

August 2017  AGENDA  17-08-29 (unavailable)

September 2017  AGENDA 17-09-26

October 2017  AGENDA 17-10-24

November 2017  AGENDA 17-11-28

December 2017  AGENDA 17-12-26