Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement
We weave a community of compassion and joy, giving us strength and hope.
We support the spiritual journeys we take together and alone.
We work to create a better world by reaching out, taking risks, and building relationships beyond our Fellowship.

Motto:  “Light the Journey”

Our Vision Statement
In June 2011, the congregation affirmed a vision statement for the next five years.

Brief History
Our Fellowship was chartered in 1959 by a group of fifty-two people, with the generous help of the Palo Alto Unitarian Church. We began as a lay-led group, and called our first minister, the Reverend William Houff, in 1964.  After several other ministers, the Fellowship returned to lay-led status in 1983.  In June 1967, our present building was purchased from First Christian Church.  We paid off the mortgage in 1984.

In 1997 we welcomed the Reverend Rachel Anderson, who would become our first settled minister in many years.  During her ministry, the position grew from part-time to full-time.

In 2003 we called the Reverend Julia Older to guide our community.  She served until her retirement in June 2013.  During her ten years of ministry, the membership has grown, the Religious Education program has thrived and we have been home to several intern ministers.  Our staff includes an Office Administrator, a Director of Religious Education, a Welcoming and Volunteer Coordinator, a Music Director, pianists, child care workers, a Youth Advisor and a Community Minister.

We are currently in search for our next settled minister whom we anticipate hiring for the church year beginning September 2014.

The Reverend Dr. Stephen H. Furrer was hired as our Interim  Minister for the current church year to assist us during this transition period, and prepare the congregation for a new settled minister.